Debate Rages As Wife Reveals Husband Wants To Name Their Kid After a Planet

A woman went on an online rampage when her husband proposed an unusual name for her baby, and her fury started a debate.

In a post shared on Twitter, the mother-to-be, who goes by the username ckirbyyyy, explained that her husband is planning to name their daughter Jupiter but she despises the name, and is calling for the public to agree that it's not an appropriate name for a child.

"My husband wants to name our kid Jupiter and I need every single person who reads this tweet to say it's a terrible name. For me. Please. Thank you," the post read. It has so far received over 85,500 likes, 3,544 retweets and 4,336 quote tweets.

Pregnant woman, letter toys
A woman sparked a debate on Twitter after revealing her husband wants to call their baby daughter after a planet. A stock image shows a pregnant woman holding some letter toys on her baby bump. Getty Images

She then went on to explain that her main worry is that the baby could possibly be bullied by school kids.

"Listen, if your given name is Jupiter, comment and tell me honestly that you were never bullied or harassed [because] of your name. The name is one thing parents can do right by their children so if no one EVER hurt you [because] of it, let me know and I'll reconsider," the user said.

Jupiter is ranked as the 24781st most popular given name in the United States, with an estimated population of 200, according to statistics from

There are 0.06 people named Jupiter for every 100,000 Americans, and it's usually assigned to boys, 92 percent of the time.

Most users on the thread agreed with the mom-to-be.

One user, janefourmillion, wrote: "It's a terrible name. Except for a dog or cat."

Another one, 297_ArubaLover, added: "Dear Mr. Husband, Jupiter is a terrible name for a child or a pet. Please listen to your wife."

Other users believed the name was definitely going to lead to bullying, therefore not a good choice.

One user, posting as thedoggydaddy, said: "Kids are mean and will eat a kid named Jupiter for lunch. Unless you are a rich celebrity and all the other kids are named Moonbeam and such, don't do it," while MJMichaelJames added: "Kids don't really bully any longer. Jupiter's different but no one would bat an eye where I live." And awelab1956 commented: "Asking for endless bullying."

Some users also argued that this name would not only cause the child to be bullied in school, but in adult life too.

AthleteByNight commented: "Okay so go out in the world and pretend a person you need to take seriously introduces themselves and says 'Hi, my name is Jupiter, it's nice to meet you.' then also imagine how they feel saying it. Have him go do a few throw away job interviews AS Jupiter. Just imagine it."

And Romazing12 answered: "The fact that you judge people based on their names says more [about] your character than it does theirs. If you won't take someone seriously because they have a unique name you're deeply unprofessional."

Other users took the chance to throw a joke themselves. _octo_pie_ wrote: "I cannot, in good conscience, tell a lie. Jupiter would be an awesome name. And it's better than Uranus." And others, like KellsBells_nz, argued that the mother should have the last choice: "Quite frankly those who push the baby out get the last word on the name... it's our payment for all that pain."

Another witty user, who goes by the username JolyonWagg6, even wrote a little poem for the occasion: "Suggesting a child be named Jupiter, I can't think of anything stupider. My wife would go spare, I don't think I would dare. Unless I was sure that it suited her."