Wife Shares Reason Her Husband Was Late After She Suspected He Was Cheating

A wife has revealed the reason her husband was late home one day, after she suspected him of cheating.

The woman, who posts on TikTok using the name Jessitingz, shared a clip recorded by the couple's doorbell camera that shows her standing outside their house when her other half arrives.

In the footage, Jessitingz reveals that she has been waiting more than an hour for her husband to return and is beginning to wonder where he is.

A caption on the clip reads: "My husband took 1½ hours to get home when he said he'd be back in 30 mins."

As he approaches, Jessitingz can be heard asking: "What took you so long?"

But she has barely finished her question when she spots the tray of Starbucks coffees he is carrying—explaining his delay.

Her body language immediately changes, as she uncrosses her arms and starts jumping up and down for joy, doing a little dance on the front steps.


sometimes the “too good to be true” guys are just good 🥺💕

♬ original sound - jessitingz

Taking the coffees from him, she says: "Thank you. I thought your ass was cheating on me."

The clip, which has been watched more than 5 million times since it was uploaded on Thursday, ended with another caption from Jessitingz: "Sometimes the 'too good to be true' guys are just good."

Jessitingz has since shared a follow-up clip, in response to comments calling the couple's relationship "toxic."

"What you see online isn't always the truth!!! just be nice, you never know what people are going through," she said in the second video.

Jessitingz said: "I want to clear a lot of things up because I'm getting a lot of hate and it's a lot of unnecessary hate … Prior to making this video I had called him, and I knew he was at Walmart. Whenever one of us takes too long to use the bathroom, or too long to do this or too long to do that, we always joke around this like with each other."

She also shared a screengrab of a text that read, "are you cheating on me," presumably sent between her and her husband.

Jessitingz continued: "I know it's hard to tell someone's relationship from a nine-second video, but we're not toxic, we're not in a bad relationship. We trust each other, I don't think he's cheating on me. The real thing from this video was the surprise about the Starbucks drinks, that's why I posted it because I thought it was really funny and really cute.

"My main goal was to go outside and be funny with him. I was honestly going to help him take out the things that he bought. So yeah, our relationship's fine and keep your opinions to yourself and be nice."

Other women who commented on the clip said they would have responded in the same way.

"All girls be thinking that, it's always the worst, you did what any woman would. F*** the haters," said one.

Another woman wrote: "Girl I think like that too so I definitely felt that."

Dej Sof pointed out: "I mean 1½ hours would be sus in a longest relationship, my mom still asks my dad what took so long and it's been 26 years."

A asked: I thought it was normal to joke like that?? Me & my husband do that too, lol."

Sarah.Caliskan26 raved: "I saw that ring video a minute ago and it's hilarious. I love everything about it, you were going straight into war and then danced about with food."

Alicia Sapien added: "I thought it was cute cause it's something I would do. It made me laugh."

Newsweek has reached out to Jessitingz for further comment.

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