Will Smith Slap: Jokes the Late Night Hosts Told About This Year's Oscars

Everyone was talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock after the Oscars, so there was no way the late night hosts weren't going to address it on their talk shows.

Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden all addressed the incident with their own jokes, while one of them even wrote a song parody about it.

Sunday night's 94th Academy Awards were overshadowed by Smith who hit Rock after the comedian had made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's hair. After the incident, Smith was then awarded the Best Actor prize and proceeded to continue his night at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

Twenty-four hours later, it was the talk show hosts' duties to comment on the biggest news story of the day. Here's how each of them did it.

Stephen Colbert

"It is Monday unless you're Chris Rock because I'm pretty sure he got slapped into next week." The Late Show with Stephen Colbert host made reference to the slap right out the gate in his monologue.

He went on to praise Rock, who is the same age as him but can clearly take a hit better than he ever could. He said: "He's 57 years old and a comedian, Chris just shakes it off with one step. Will Smith trained for months to play Muhammad Ali."

Colbert also commented on how Rock won't be pressing charges, but Smith still needs to face repercussions for his actions. He said: "There have to be consequences, like winning the Oscar for Best Actor and receiving a standing ovation, then partying all night. Who says Hollywood sends a bad message to our kids?"

Jimmy Fallon

The host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was less overt in referencing the slap, instead making pointed references without mentioning Rock or Smith's names.

He said: "America may be divided but it was kind of nice for all of us to come together and say 'holy crap' at the same time." He also asked his audience: "Do you just remember a few years ago when the Oscars literally announced the wrong winner for Best Picture? Turns out that was child's play.

"Seriously, you know, it was a strange award show when it ends with the statement from the LAPD," he said.

Fallon had Questlove on the show. The latter was involved in the Rock-Smith incident as he was awarded the Academy Award for Best Documentary for Summer of Love by Rock. Questlove confirmed he hadn't actually realized what had happened at first because he was busy meditating before his category was announced.

Seth Meyers

Meyers didn't dwell on the Oscars incident for too long as he covered more political news but he did deliver some jokes on the subject to open his monologue.

His opening joke started off innocent enough: "The 94th Academy Awards were held last night and featured the first live performance of 'We don't talk about Bruno' from the Disney musical and Encanto," he said. "Followed by an unbelievable live performance of 'We Don't Talk About Jada.'"

Expanding on the topic of Smith slapping Rock in the face, Meyers said: "I gotta say the last thing I ever expected to see at the Oscars was a display of narcissism." He also commented on how scared he was to find out that comedians can get slapped for making a bad joke.

Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel spoke at length about Chris Rock and Will Smith in his monologue, spending a full nine minutes discussing it. "Even Kanye West was like 'you went onstage and did what at an awards show?'" Kimmel joked.

Kimmel was the host of the Academy Awards when La La Land was wrongly announced as the winner of Best Picture and he lamented the fact that he was no longer the host of the craziest Oscars ever.

Kimmel made a comparison around Smith's actions and his award win: "This was the Hollywood version of your drunk uncle starting a fight ruining the wedding and then standing up and giving a long toast." He also said: "Slapping Chris Rock and then winning the Oscar, it's like storming out of the house after breaking up with your girlfriend, then coming back in because you forgot your keys."

He suggested that the only way for Rock and Smith to settle their dispute now is by having a "Comedy Central Roast of Will Smith hosted by Chris Rock."

James Corden

Corden opened the show with a full-on musical number dedicated to the incident, changing Encanto's "We don't talk about Bruno" into "We Don't Talk About Jada."

He mentioned how it ruined his Oscar pool because he had "Dame Judi Dench smacking Woody Harrelson." He also commended Rock because while Smith can't take a joke, Rock can take a punch.

Corden also highlighted actress Lupita Nyong'o whose reaction was caught on camera throughout the incident with Rock and Smith. Corden said: "It's the first time anyone in Hollywood was like 'Please point the camera away from me.'"

Conan O'Brien

Poor O'Brien wrapped up his talk show on TBS last year and rued the fact that he didn't have a platform to discuss the topic. Straight after the incident during the Oscars, he tweeted, "Just saw the Will Smith slap. Anyone have a late night show I can borrow just for tomorrow?"

Luckily for O'Brien, Kimmel saw his request and replied with: "anytime you want to take it for a spin, it's yours."

Will SMith slap late night hosts
Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert all addressed Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images