Wingstop Twitter Flirts With Customer in Series of Innuendo-Filled Tweets

Normally Wingstop's Lemon Pepper Wings are what brings fans to its Twitter account, but now its flirting game is attracting attention as well.

The chicken industry might be facing a national shortage of wings across the country right now, but Wingstop has managed to distract from the crisis, albeit for just four hours. The official Twitter account behind the restaurants partook in a blatant game of timeline flirting with one customer last night, and entertained Twitter while doing so.

After a tweet made by user @kaykookiedough jokingly suggested that Wingstop's sauce must contain an alternative innuendo ingredient, Wingstop unexpectedly responded. "It's a special white sauce but it does not contain [nut]" they wrote.

"Wingstop you gotta chill fr," responded @kaykookiedough. "You brought it up," jibed Wingstop.

The Twitter user said what we were all thinking and asked Wingstop: "Are we flirting?"

Wingstop's flirty conversation hit the gas when she hinted at taking the flirting "IRL": "You close to Texas?" asked the user.

Wingstop seemingly obliged to the request, responding: "HQ is in yeah."

"I'm three hours there soon...breaded or naked?" tweeted the user in a chicken-themed innuendo game.

"Breaded is great because of boneless wings but bone-in sounds like a better the latter?" wrote Wingstop, playing along in the word-play entertainment.

"You're a lil freak...anyways let's move this to the dms," flirted the Twitter user.

"Dms are open," finished Wingstop.

Yo Someone @wingstop is about to get fired or promoted for this 🍗🤣

— J.D. (@jdwitherspoon) May 13, 2021

It's not known if the timeline flirting was actually taken to direct messages, so Twitter users can only hope that something went "down in the dms" after, even if just an offer of Wingstop coupons.

Wingstop's foray into timeline thirsting provided entertainment for Twitter users for over four hours, and provoked responses of both disbelief and hilarity.

"Yo Someone @wingstop is about to get fired or promoted for this," wrote one Twitter user. "Promotion," clarified Wingstop in a response.

Most users praised the team behind the tweets, with one user writing: "Wingstop admin winning any day of the week."

"You need to be promoted because you got them trending. Get that coin," posted another user.

"Oh yes, time to secure that bag," responded Wingstop.

The flirty Twitter match clearly did the trick too, as customers reported consequently ordering Wingstop after. "I didn't know about @wingstop until reading this thread, ordered it for dinner and totally agree that it's as delicious as described," one Twitter user.

Wingstop chicken restaurant
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - MAY 06: The Wingstop logo is seen on the front door of one of the company's restaurants on May 06, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois. Wingstop entertained Twitter by flirting with a customer in a series of tweets. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) Scott Olson/Getty Images