Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Says It's 'Outrageous' GOP Spending $680K on 2020 Election Probe

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers on Monday called a plan from state Republicans to spend $680,000 on a 2020 election probe "outrageous," the Associated Press reported.

Evers also accused state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who met with former President Donald Trump, of "drinking the Kool-Aid" on the 2020 election.

An Assembly committee controlled by Republicans is expected on Monday to approve the assignment of former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman as a special counsel in the investigation of the 2020 election, as well as allow him to aid the Assembly Elections Committee and hire additional investigators.

Vos, who ordered the probe, said Friday that the contract for the investigation could allot up to $680,000 in spending. The sum is more than nine times the spending agreed upon in the initial contract with Gableman.

"I think it's outrageous," Evers, a Democrat, said when speaking about the Republican-led probe. He also stated that using the funds in the investigation would be a waste of money.

Earlier in August, Evers vetoed several state election bills that would have added additional steps and restrictions for those looking to vote absentee in future elections, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

"In recent years, we [have been] used as a Petri dish for Republican plans to undermine democracy. Well, not anymore. Not today. Not anymore today. Not as long as I'm governor of the great state of Wisconsin," Evers said during a ceremony in Wisconsin's Capitol rotunda.

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Wisconsin Electoral College Casts Votes
The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly plans to approve a contract that will allow for up to $680,000 in spending for a 2020 election probe. Above, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and other members of Wisconsin's Electoral College cast their votes for the presidential election at the state Capitol on December 14, 2020, in Madison. Morry Gash/Pool/Getty Images

"Things changed a bit when Robin Vos went down and visited Donald Trump and got that nice picture on the plane," Evers said. "Apparently they're all drinking the Kool-Aid. But I think it was really, really unfortunate. What it tells me is that this is going to be wide-ranging and probably $680,000 at a minimum and they're going to be coming up with all kinds of things that frankly aren't true."

Trump lost to President Joe Biden in Wisconsin by just under 21,000 votes, an outcome that has withstood recounts in Dane and Milwaukee counties and multiple lawsuits.

Democrats have excoriated the various investigations as a continuation of the "big lie" that Trump won, when there is no evidence of fraud on the level that would overturn Biden's win in Wisconsin. To date, prosecutors have brought charges against just two people for election fraud out of nearly 3.3 million people who voted in the state.

"We had a fair election this last time," Evers said. "Joe Biden is president and the continued attack on our democracy is just absolutely ridiculous. In my wildest dreams, when I decided to run for this office. I never thought protecting democracy would be one of the key things we do."

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers
Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers said it was "outrageous" that state Republicans planned to spend $680,000 on a 2020 election probe. Above, Evers speaks during the virtual Democratic National Convention at the Wisconsin Center on August 19, 2020, in Milwaukee. Stephen Voss/Pool/Getty Images