Woman Abandoned As a Baby Meets Brother and Sister for the First Time

A woman who was abandoned as a baby has been united with her biological siblings. Jessica Hicks, 30, had been searching for her family for years and finally met them on Sunday, reported CBS Los Angeles.

Hicks was found as a baby at a business park in Irwindale, California, in 1990, and taken to a hospital.

A newspaper reported on Hicks' discovery at the time and said: "A sunburned newborn girl was found wrapped in an old blue blanket Monday afternoon in the bushes near a business complex."

She was described as being "angelically peaceful and quiet" and as having "a full head of blondish-brown hair."

Isaac Oliva, who was 33 years old at the time, was working on a roof when he spotted the blanket, but initially did not pay much attention to it. However, when he heard a baby's cry a couple of hours later, he went to investigate and found baby Jessica.

She was found naked with her umbilical cord still attached and tied with a shoelace. Other than her sunburn, she was described as being healthy.

Hospital spokesperson Cathleen Rodman told reporters at the time that the hospital had received five calls from people hoping to adopt the baby after she appeared on the news.

Hicks only found out she was adopted at the age of 18 and has tried contacting her birth mother but has not heard back. Her biological father is deceased.

But now, a little over 30 years after being abandoned, Hicks has been united with her biological siblings: her half-brother and half-sister, David and Nicole, to whom she is related on her father's side.

Hicks found out about her half-siblings after a search of her DNA, and she was able to track them down, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Meeting siblings after 30 years!
Jessica (in red) just met her brother and sister. In 1990, Jessica was just a few hours old when she was found abandoned in a business park in Irwindale. We’ll share their meeting on @CBSLA at 6! pic.twitter.com/OYJXgg2ajJ

— Rick Montanez (@RickCBSLA) April 26, 2021

During the reunion, which was filmed by CBS Los Angeles, Hicks said that she feels "so grateful" to have met her siblings.

Her sister Nicole said: "I felt like, I don't know what she's been through, but I heard her story and I just didn't want her to feel rejected by me," to which Hicks told her: "That means a lot, because I've been rejected most of my life."

Hicks then told CBS Los Angeles "I'm doing great, I have a whole family," before looking at her siblings and adding, "I have more family."

CBS Los Angeles reporter Rick Montanez added: "They decided to share their message because they want people to know it's never too late to connect with family."

Earlier this month, a TikTok explaining how parents can use a Safe Haven Baby Box to abandon babies safely went viral. In the video, which amassed more than 17 million views, Monica Kelsey demonstrates how to use the box using a baby doll.

The baby boxes are typically found at fire stations and hospitals and they legally permit a mother in crisis to "safely, securely, and anonymously surrender if they are unable to care for their newborn."

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There are currently more than 60 baby boxes across Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, and Ohio.

A studio portrait of a newborn baby. A woman who was abandoned as a baby has met her biological siblings for the first time at the age of 30. Lisa Wiltse/Corbis/Getty