Woman Applauded for Telling Mother-in-Law She Wants To Be Intimate With Son

In a new viral post, the internet applauds a woman for snapping at her mother-in-law, telling her blatantly that she wants to be intimate with her son.

Published to Reddit's infamous r/AmITheA**hole forum, a woman under the anonymous throwaway account, u/Fun_Self_5904, shared her story. The viral post has over 10,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

"So my (28f) husband (31m) had to spend two months in a different state for work," the Redditor began, "He came back 9 days ago. I am obviously thrilled he's back and I've missed him a lot. I was hoping we would be able to spend some time together just the two of us. However his mom (56f) came over when he was supposed to come home. I was slightly annoyed but I know she was just excited for her son to be back. However she never left."

The original poster (OP) expected her mother-in-law to stay with them for a day or two, instead, she stayed the entire nine days that he was home. Since she lives an hour away, she insisted on staying with them instead of a hotel.

Woman telling MIL she wants alone time
The internet backed a woman for snapping at mother-in-law, saying she wanted some alone time with her son. fizkes/iStock / Getty Images Plus

She and her husband have not had alone time together as she is very clingy. Whenever they go out, she goes with them or when she doesn't want to go out, she makes one of them stay home with her as they would be "bad hosts." When they want to cuddle and watch some TV, she is always there. They can't go out and have a romantic outing together without her.

Throughout her stay, the couple had dropped hints that they wanted her to go home, she told them that she wanted more time with her son. When the OP had enough, she snapped.

"I tried telling her we wanted some alone time and she kept insisting that she join us. Finally I snapped and said 'Since you seem to be oblivious, I will put this bluntly. I want to f**k your son. If you don't want to see or hear then you need to leave.' ([I know] this isn't the classiest response ever but I was frustrated.) Anyway she yelled at me but eventually left. We finally got to have our 'alone time,'" she wrote.

"Now she is blowing up both of our phones. She is saying that I am disgusting and have no respect for her, her son, or myself. She keeps telling my husband that he shouldn't be with someone so crude and how dare he let me speak to her like that. I'm sure you get the idea. [I know] that what I said was really inappropriate," she concluded.

Newsweek reached out to u/Fun_Self_5904 for comment.

In a recent update to the post, she acknowledged the posts that she should let her husband know to "step up" as it should have been him to tell his mom to leave. She also said that she understands he has a fear of making his mom angry since she can get nasty and wrote that she could "turn the family against him," but agrees that he needs to be honest with his mom.

Are you dealing with a similar situation? A family member or friend won't leave your house when they've overstayed their welcome? Per oureverydaylife.com, it's not appropriate to tell your guests directly that you want them to leave, so try leaving subtle hints that it's time to go home.

When having a get-together, try and write an end time on the invitations or the way you communicated to your friends. It is also wise to have excuses, maybe saying you need to run an errand or you need to be up early the next day. If none of the options work, apologize for making them leave, but say directly that it's time for them to head out. Make the conversation comical if possible as well.

The Reddit community shared their thoughts in the comment section, taking the side of the OP.

"[Not the a**hole]. Crass? Yes. A**holeish? No. Why don't you and your husband have any boundaries with this woman? You're both adults letting her treat you like naughty teenagers. She can insist on staying with you all she wants, it's your house and your choice who stays there and if you don't want her there tell her no," u/petulafaerie wrote in a top comment with 12,000 upvotes.

"Frankly, your husband should have dealt with his mom day one," u/Eastern_Fox explained.

"If you can't take a hint, you'll just get the answer. [Not the a**hole]," u/mmmSaucyPasta wrote.

"[Not the a**hole], but your husband shouldn't have let dealing with mommy-dearest fall on your shoulders," u/DeathFindsAWay commented.

"[Not the a**hole]. You wanted the time with your husband after he was gone for awhile. That's normal. Your MIL was invading your space and your personal time as a couple," u/DC_Verse said.

U/Impossible-Pause3789 exclaimed, "[Not the a**hole]. Guests are like fish. They start to stink after a while. If she was actually a polite and decent person, she would have 1) ASKED to come over and 2) left before she wore out her welcome. She relied on her version of 'politeness' (aka never make me feel bad) to bully you into what she wanted. Sometimes, there is no out from that. You just have to be rude. Good on you for standing up for yourself!"