'Seething': Woman Backed For Demanding Her Own Bed On Vacation With Friends

The internet has backed a woman who demanded her own bed on a vacation with friends, with one commenter claiming they were "seething" after reading about her experience.

In a post shared on the U.K.-based discussion site Mumsnet, user littlepieces, described how one of her friends had invited another couple on their vacation to Lisbon, Portugal, meaning she would have to share her bed with someone else.

Since being shared on Saturday, April 23, the post has attracted some 268 comments, many of which were supportive of littlepiece's situation.

The user said the original group was made up of three friends who had not seen one another in three years due to them living in London, Dublin and Los Angeles, a husband as well as another couple.

Stock image of woman struggling to sleep
Stock image of a woman struggling to sleep. The woman was widely supported online. Getty

She explained they originally booked a villa with four double bedrooms to so everyone could have their own rooms.

But littlepieces later added: "LA friend has just announced that she's invited another couple, 'hope that's OK with everyone.' And possibly some other friend might sleep on the sofa bed for two nights.

"This means me and Dublin friend will be sharing a queen size bed. Now I adore Dublin friend, but I'm 35 and want my own bed. Also she's 6'2, snores loads and is always the last to bed drunk and freakishly early to rise. I'm a loser and I like my sleep."

A relaxing vacation can be vital for people who want to relieve stress and recharge from a gruelling work schedule.

According to a 2018 study by the American Psychological Association, taking time off helps the majority of U.S. workers recover from stress.

It also found 24 percent of the 1,512 respondents said the positive effects of vacation time disappeared immediately after returning to work.

Unsurprisingly, littlepieces situation hit a nerve with many other Mumsnet users who said it was outrageous she would have to compromise what would be a relaxing vacation with friends.

One said: "Have you paid? I think you need to shut this down early. How about a breezy 'ha, have they found somewhere to stay yet? At my age I need my own room, I'm sure you understand.'"

Another added: "It's not the weekend you signed up for. Do you even know these extra people? I wouldn't be sharing a bed on a trip at my age."

A third commented: "Absolutely not OK. You agreed to the villa on the basis that it was just with the two friends and everyone had their own rooms.

"Your friend has some cheek to just invite three more people and 'hope that's OK with everyone.' Who does that? I'd be seething in all honesty, I wouldn't go and if I'd already paid I'd want my money back."

Newsweek has reported on numerous vacation-related stories, including when employers have asked workers to cancel their time off.

The internet was furious after a Reddit user shared a message their employer sent them telling them to hold off on going on vacation.

A company representative said: "We need for you to postpone your vacation. Please when you get a chance let's discuss how this will go."