Woman's Bizarre Sleeping Position Causes a Stir Online: 'A Little...Odd'

A woman's unusual sleeping position is taking over Reddit, drawing comparisons to a vampire, a human burrito, and even a department store mannequin.

The hilarious snap was uploaded to the r/funny subreddit on March 1 by u/hockeyandburritos, showing his wife lying face-up in bed with the covers over her face, almost corpse-like.

Captioned "My wife...sleeps(?) like this...?," the bizarre image had users in hysterics, with the post receiving almost 90,000 upvotes in just two days.

'A Little...Odd'

Hockeyandburritos, from California, said his wife first started sleeping with the covers over her face as a teen in boarding school. However, she only tends to sleep like this when he's not around.

"When I'm in bed, it's a battle for the covers," he told Newsweek.

"This particular morning, she asked me to 'tuck her in' as she wasn't ready to hop out of bed yet.

"Then she assumed this position and told me to drape the blankets over her face. Then she zonked out."

Woman Sleeping with Covers Over Her Head

According to hockeyandburritos' wife, sleeping like a body in a morgue is cozy and "keeps the morning sunlight out."

"It's funny to me, and a little...odd," he said.

Although he knew his wife's sleeping position was strange, he was surprised by the amount of attention the picture received online.

"I am an actor but she is not, and anyone might be a little freaked out by so much attention, but she is endlessly fascinated by the phenomenon," he said.

"Like she can't believe that this many people care enough to chime in.

"She is entertained that people examined the photo and are commenting on the books on her nightstand, or that people are debating how many pillows are in the picture."

'Smart Way to Hide From the Shadow People'

"Vampires must avoid the light," joked reddittyousirname.

"Does she only go out at night? Have local virgins been turning up drained of all their blood?" asked Markond.

"That's what happens when you won't let her keep her coffin inside," commented KiteBrite.

"That's not your wife. That's your mummy," said Angry-Dragon-1331.

"I've seen this one. You need the book of the dead from Hamunaptra," wrote I_Also_Fix_Jets, referencing the 1999 blockbuster starring Brendan Fraser.

"Do you live in the morgue?" wondered Samsafar.

"Damn she doing the bodybag sleeping technique," said Yolom4ntr1c.

"I think that's called pupating," wrote Odd-Relief5794.

"Post pictures of her colorful wings when she emerges," said TannedCrossisant.

MatthewGeer didn't believe anyone was really in the bed, commenting: "Your wife has actually snuck out to a party in an 80's teen movie."

"Show of hands, how many people think it's a sex doll?" asked Stoo_Pedassol.

However, some users saw no problem with the sleeping position, with Super_Parsley writing: "Cocooning in bed is totally normal!"

"Smart way to hide from the shadow people," said DarkProtagonist.

"I do this too!" wrote copamarigold. "I started in college living in a coed dorm with noisy boys right below me."

"Me, my mom, and my grandmother all sleep like this as well!!" said dvamain69420.

While Earguy commented: "Have you ever heard of sleep masks? Seems easier and more comfortable."