Woman Catches Man Cheating After Spotting Four Telltale Signs in Photo

A woman has been applauded on social media after spotting a series of small details in a photo sent to her by a man she is dating that revealed he was, in fact, two-timing her.

Kayla Paeth took to TikTok to share the damning evidence of his apparent betrayal which first emerged when he sent her a photo of himself cooking.

While the picture of two frying pans of food gently cooking away on an oven top appeared innocuous enough at first, Kayla knew better.

Posted alongside the caption "Got to do better my guy" the focus of the video soon shifted away from his culinary efforts and onto something Kayla had spotted in the background.

Zooming in on the reflection created by the mirrored stove, she highlighted four telltale signs that all was not as it appeared to be.

Following along the clip, viewers were shown a clearly visible female hand in the reflection, complete with a set of fake nails.

Those suspicions were confirmed when Kayla pointed out the mystery hand was additionally adorned with a rose gold Apple watch, bracelets and a ring.

You can watch her video here.

While it may have only been mere consolation, Kayla did garner praise from her followers online for demonstrating some impressive sleuthing skills.

One user, vinniecanfight, admitted "I wouldn't have noticed."

Another, user184752, needed some clarification: "Wait I'm confused did she take the photo and he sent it?"

Kayla was happy to explain though, replying: "Based on the angle of the picture she had to have been standing to his left while he took it. I just tried it myself."

Some still thought it might be a simple misunderstanding.

"Maybe a sister or a friend," camasteal wrote.

Kayla said that couldn't possibly be the case.

"He and his sister are African American so I could tell it wasn't her," she replied.

"When I asked who it was he responded 'should've been you.'"

Despite the heartbreak of it all, Kayla found plenty of support on TikTok.

"GORL I'm sorry," chewieandmexioxo wrote.

"Thank u NEXT," ayylish6 added.

She's also become a viral star off the back of it: her video has now been viewed more than 850,000 times on TikTok.

Kayla's story isn't entirely uncommon in the world of digital photography and social media either.

Last week, another woman also went viral after uncovering a similar deception after the man she was dating sent her a picture of himself supposedly watching the Olympics at home with his friends.

Upon closer inspection, however, the image revealed, via another reflective surface, that he had female company.

Newsweek has reached out to Kayla for comment.

A woman reacting to her phone.
Stock image of a woman reacting angrily to her phone - one TikTok user was left similarly puzzled by a recent message. Finn Hafemann/Getty

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