Woman Claims Drink Was Spiked but Bartender Didn't Help, Sparking Online Debate

A woman has recently taken to TikTok to claim that her drink was spiked in a bar during her bachelorette party, but the bartender was unsympathetic.

Social media user Kayley, known online as Kayleyg21, posted a video on June 1 explaining that while at Seacrets Club in Ocean City, Maryland, she "noticed that someone had slipped something into her drink."

She continued: "I saw him do this out of the corner of my eye, and when I tasted it it tasted completely off."

The then bride-to-be clarified: "I held the drink and was kind of bouncing around where he followed me for 15 minutes.

"It was at this time that I then maneuvered to the second bar across the dance floor where he followed me and only dipped back into the crowd of people when he saw me hand my drink to the bartender.

"He scoffed at me, dumped my entire full drink and then charged me for a new one. He didn't ask me who did it, he didn't ask me if I was okay. He charged me for a new drink and then let this possible predator stay to potentially hurt someone else."

The video has since been viewed more than 877,600 times and surpassed 152,700 likes.

Many took to comments section to share their messages of support, including Diana Razumow, who wrote: "I can't believe he charged you for a new one! That costs them nothing, This could have potentially went sooo bad. Sorry to hear this happened."


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Another person, Maggie Klynsma, added: "They should believe you no questions asked."

However, some people questioned Kayley's experience and the fact she had elected to try the drink.

In a follow-up video responding to this question she said: "As a female we're told all of our lives to speak up but when we do speak up nobody believes us.

"We're told 'just reach out for help' but when we reach out for help nobody believes us. There's always that small chance of us not being right and it just being paranoia.

"I was very wary of that happening and so I tried the drink."


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She then added: "With that being said, that was the dumbest thing I could have made in the moment. Always trust your intuition because it is always not worth it.

"And with that being said, I would just like to point out how questionable it is that so many people are focusing on that aspect of the story."

Kayley continued: "It's absolutely not all men, but when you focus on something that's not the problem at hand it makes it harder to identify these men."

In another video, she again replied to a comment which read: "Get over it. nobody forced u to go there. Leave idiot."

Kayley said: "I went to a bartender for help because I knew how to identify the predator.

"I knew which way he went, I knew exactly what he looked like and what he was wearing, so that he could at least be checked out and we could go on our merry way if he did not do that to my drink.

"Better safe than sorry for myself and other females but instead of that you wanted me to be silent, and just leave? Yikes."


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In a final update on the situation, she said the club had reviewed CCTV footage but could not see her drink being spiked as the bar was crowded.

She also clarified that the bartender's actions had been her "biggest concern" but the club told her that he said she'd made "no mention of thinking that [her] drink was drugged."

Even so, they have given their staff extra training on "how to handle" similar situations.

Newsweek has contacted Seacrets for comment.

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A stock image of people holding drinks in a bar. A woman on TikTok alleged her drink was spiked, but the bartender did not assist her. Getty Images