Woman Complaining Over 'Disgusting' Airbnb Finds She's in the Wrong House

A woman was outraged after checking into the Airbnb "of nightmares," only to find she'd walked into the wrong apartment.

Paige Talbot and her girlfriend, Lauren Vail, found a house covered in hair, dirt and dust, which was so disgusting they refused to sleep in it.

Fuming over the state of the property in Quebec, Canada, Talbot messaged the host to complain and demand a refund.

To her horror she was told they'd walked into the wrong apartment by mistake, as they made a swift exit.

She tells Newsweek they were in town for two nights for a Tash Sultana concert, explaining how they accidentally entered the wrong home.

Screengrabs from @paigeunavailable's video.
Screengrabs from @paigeunavailable's video. A woman was shocked after walking into an Airbnb "of nightmares." @paigeunavailable

Talbot says: "We arrived at the Airbnb building and I checked the check-in information. It gave me a code for a lock box and inside the lock box was two keys. I used the first key to enter the building. We then went up the stairs and found three apartment-like doors.

"I didn't see the number of which apartment we had rented, so I just tried the key in the first door and it unlocked! We walked inside, put down our bags and began checking out the place.

"My partner and I couldn't believe our eyes. I got my phone out so I could video any proof I may need in order to get my full refund. We were so confused... literally thought we had been scammed. We couldn't possibly spend the night here.

"That's when I messaged the host and attached our conversation in the video. She couldn't believe the place wasn't cleaned as her cleaner had confirmed to her just the night before that everything was done.

"The host asked for more photos and told us how she has never received a bad review before. She genuinely seemed confused, which made two of us. After sending some photos she replied that we were in the wrong unit.

Screengrabs from @paigeunavailable's video.
Screengrabs from @paigeunavailable's video. Paige Talbot was horrified after discovering she'd walked into the wrong house. @paigeunavailable

"Immediately my partner and I burst into laughter and grabbed our things. We put everything back in the place it was before we broke in. The host kindly told us that we had rented 201, which was just next door.

"We grabbed our things so quickly with tears streaming from our eyes in absolute disbelief."

She explains the layout further confused the situation, saying: "The two apartments are structurally the same, which explains why we were so confused because it did look like the photos just very unclean."

Talbot, from New Brunswick, confirmed she gave the host a "good review" after the initial mix-up.

She shared a clip detailing the mortifying saga to her TikTok page, @paigeunavailable, as she filmed the interior.

"We checked into the Airbnb of our nightmares," the on-screen text said, as she captioned the clip: "Just when u think it can't get any worse..."

In the footage they can be heard talking in the background, as they film the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, saying: "Ew, there's like stuff all in the sheets too. I'm so confused. Man what the f***."

She shared the messages exchanged with the host, writing: "Hi, we just arrived at the Airbnb and the place is an absolute mess. There's hair and dust all over the floors, dirt in the bed, stains on the pillow and the fridge is disgusting... I cannot sleep comfortably here."

The host responded: "I absolutely don't understand! Could you send me more photo? I will send it to me cleaner now."

Talbot shared a snap of dirt and hair on a tissue, saying "that's beside the bed." It was at that point the host realized their error, as she messaged the pair saying: "You're in the wrong place. The apartment is 201!"

Suitably horrified, Talbot replied: "Oh my god. I am SO SO sorry."

The clip, shared on Thursday, amassed nearly 2 million views, as people expressed their shock over the situation.

After checking into the right Airbnb, Talbot shared a follow-up clip saying: "Ok this looks a lot more like the ad."

"We're in the right one now," she said while filming.

Commenting on the mix-up, Andi asked: "How did you get in the wrong unit?!"

Kate joked: "This was a ROLLERCOASTER."

Melissa Gipson admitted: "Not the ending I was expecting."

Rhiaaa said: "Plot twist at the end. That would be so embarrassing lol."

Lionessshair added: "Omg thank god no one came in while you guys were in there."

According to data compiled by Statista, Airbnb's company value was $113 billion last year, after going public in 2020.

After launching in 2007 the platform is now global, as the site noted: "When looking at the total number of Airbnb nights and experiences booked worldwide, the EMEA [Europe, the Middle East, and Africa] region took the lead with 118.1 million bookings in 2021.

"This was over four million more bookings than in North America."

Newsweek reached out to Airbnb for comment.