Woman Creates Painting Over Photo With Her Ex Because She 'Looks Cute'

Breaking up is hard to do, but after the dust is settled, what can you do with those cute pictures that remind you of the past?

Well, instead of burning them in a ceremonial fire as your close friends comfort you, one woman online has come up with far more creative solution.

TikTok user Devyn Wensely, known online as Stainedhands, took to the app to share what she did with an old photograph of herself and her ex-boyfriend that her mother found.

Naturally, because the snap was a good one of her, she did not want to throw it away, so she instead decided to block out the man in the image using her art skills.

Text overlaying the video, which can be viewed here, reads: "My mom found this old picture of me and my ex but I look cute so let's fix it!"

She then began paining over him in red, before using a light blue marker to outline the shape of a dragon.

Next she adds: "Might as well change the background too," before painting scenery onto the image.

Finally Wensley conceals her ex's hand, which is around her waist, with dark paint as she explains: "Just photoshopping the hand out."


*if my ex sees this*, no hard feelings but plz dont text me #artchallenge #exboyfriend

♬ Kill V. Maim - Grimes

The finished product is then shown, in which the artist is standing next to a dragon surrounded by toadstools, sunshine and rolling hills.

Wensley captioned the video, writing: "*if my ex sees this*, no hard feelings but plz dont text me #artchallenge #exboyfriend."

The impressive clip was posted on July 13 and has so far received a whopping 11.5 million views and surpassed 2.1 million likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the creative idea.

One TikTok user, JessiRae, wrote: "Why gave I never thought of just painting over the person instead of ripping the photo."

Another person, Starspann, added: "This would be a great Etsy shop if you took people's photos where they their ex painted over and make it all amazing like this one! Love it!"

Lauressa Carey gushed: "Such a great creative fun idea."

Lucien Castle responded to some people suggesting photoshop instead, writing: "Just photoshop him out of the photo you don't have to paint—umm well spoiler alert this is a really creative more fun way don't make it a problem."

Miss Swoonfeather joked: "*screams in laughter while running wildly throughout my house to find old photo of me and my ex*."

Darling admitted: "I do the exact same thing with me and my ex bfs photos."

Avory commented: "Mine and my ex's 15 year anniversary would been today... I think I found an activity to pass the time."

An account by the name of user674425513693 explained: "Bruh I have my prom photo and I look good so I covered his while body with another photo in the collage I have lol."

Newsweek have contacted Wensley for comment.

Woman tearing a photograph
A stock image of a woman tearing a photography of herself and a man in two. A TikTok user recently painted over a snap of herself and her ex. Getty Images