'Contra Returns': Exclusive Look at Emperor Demon Dragon Java and Gromaides Boss Fights

Newsweek has revealed a pair of new gameplay trailers for Contra Returns, which show off two of the game's most formidable bosses.

What Is 'Contra Returns'?

Developed by TiMi Studios (the team responsible for the recent Pokemon Unite MOBA), Contra Returns is a mobile spin-off from the mainline Contra series and is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Similar to previous entries in the vintage bullet-hell franchise, this new title is a side-scrolling shooter in which you battle relentless waves of alien invaders. As per genre tradition, you will need to dodge incoming projectiles, jump over obstacles, and unload a barrage of ammunition (from your seemingly bottomless reserves) into every last enemy that crosses your path.

Like with the classic instalments, it is preferable to do all of this alongside a friend in co-op, as that will make things significantly easier. The only difference here in terms of the mechanics is that the arcade joystick controls have been replaced with mobile touchscreen inputs.

Otherwise, this is an entirely faithful recreation of the original run-and-gun experience. Even the retro soundtrack has been translated over.

There are a few welcome additions too, as the game features over 200 levels from across the series canon and gives each of them HD makeovers, while populating the environments with 3D character models. Plus, there are extra weapons for veteran players to try out and are a few brand new game modes as well.

These include an eight-level co-op gauntlet (known as "Underwater 8"), an "Ultimate Tournament" that pits players against each other to see who can score the highest, and a selection of ranked PVP modes.

Exclusive Gameplay Trailers for 'Contra Returns'

Two new trailers for Contra Returns are debuting exclusively at Newsweek. The first of these can be found hosted at the very top of this article and the second is just here.

The videos showcase boss fights against returning Contra nemeses, Gromaides and Emperor Demon Dragon Java. The latter looks to be an especially intimidating foe (which is fitting, considering that he is the main antagonist from the original arcade cabinet), with his acidic projectiles, energy blasts and serpentine limbs that will try to swallow you whole.

As you can see from the clip, there are optional objectives that you can attempt to complete for an extra challenge, such as clearing the whole stage in under 3 minutes or defeating the boss with at least 50 percent of your health still remaining. Likewise, the Gromaides fight tasks you with vanquishing the xenomorph-esque opponent without using a single revive.

You can try to accomplish these feats yourself, as Contra Returns is available to download now on iOS and Android.

On a related note, TiMi Studios' other big release from the past week, Pokemon Unite, was just updated with a brand new fighter. That game is currently only available on the Nintendo Switch, but will soon be coming to iOS and android.

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