'Pokemon Unite': Nintendo Switch Release Date and Price Revealed

Pokemon Unite now has a firm release date, with the Nintendo Switch version of the game launching this month.

What Is 'Pokemon Unite'?

Breaking with the series tradition, Pokemon Unite is not an RPG and more closely resembles Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) titles like League of Legends or Dota. Rather than playing as a trainer, you will get to take direct control of your favourite pocket monsters this time around and will use them to fight against others in five-a-side matches.

The basic premise is that you must battle rival Pokemon, some of which will be wandering A.I. while others will take the form of player-controlled opponents. If you manage to best your competition, then you will absorb their "Aeos" and must then make your way over to the enemy control point in order to deposit these points. Think of it like you are scoring a goal, only rather than throwing balls you are instead using mystical energy that you acquire from defeated foes.

Over time, you will naturally be able to level up your preferred fighter by upgrading their move set, buffing their stats and equipping them with new items. Not to mention, you can also customize their look with adorable skins.

How Much Does 'Pokemon Unite' Cost?

Pokemon Unite is developed by TiMi Studios (of Call of Duty Mobile fame), who are primarily known for their free-to-start releases. Their latest outing will be no different in this regard, as you won't have to pay a cent to actually download it.

Optional in-app purchases will be involved to monetize the service (which have historically done very well for Pokemon) with it already having five different currencies at launch. Aeos tickets, coins, fashion credits, "holowear tokens" and gems are all baked into the experience and will be used to help you progress in the battle pass or to unlock new cosmetic items.

As is often the case with these things, the currencies in Pokemon Unite can be accumulated either by participating in matches, or in exchange for real money.

When Is 'Pokemon Unite' Coming Out?

Pokemon Unite will be released in two separate phases over the coming months. First, it will launch on the Nintendo Switch in July, and then it will be added to Android and iOS devices in September.

When it's finally available on all systems, the game will feature cross-platform matchmaking, meaning that Switch and mobile gamers can play alongside each other.

The Nintendo Switch release date for Pokemon Unite is Wednesday, July 21. To celebrate this launch, players who log in prior to August 31 will receive a "license" that enables them to choose Zeraora as a playable fighter. This Pokemon has the ability to teleport across short distances and can discharge powerful electric blasts.

A firm release date for Pokemon Unite on Android and iOS has yet to be confirmed, although we do know that it will be sometime in September.

In related mobile gaming news, it was announced during last week's Witchercon that augmented-reality game The Witcher: Monster Slayer will also be debuting on Wednesday, July 21. As for the Switch, pre-orders for the new OLED model of Nintendo's console went live yesterday at a number of retailers.

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