'Pokemon Unite': Gardevoir Added to the Character Roster in Latest Patch

Gardevoir is the first post-launch addition to Pokemon Unite's character roster.

What Is Gardevoir?

A patch launched overnight that added various bug fixes to the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Unite, alongside a few shop updates and necessary balancing tweaks for the Charizard character. Yet the headline attraction of this update was a new playable fighter named Gardevoir.

Humanoid in proportions, Gardevoir is a fairy-type Pokemon, which means that it is just as powerful with its magic as it is elegant in appearance. First introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire (two games that were released simultaneously in 2003), the creature has a suite of psychic abilities at its disposal, as well as the power to manipulate black holes.

'Pokemon Unite': Gardevoir Stats and Moveset

Gardevoir slots into the existing Pokemon Unite character roster as yet another ranged attacker, similar to Pikachu or Cinderace.

According to his profile on the fighter select screen, these are current Gardevoir's stats:

  • Offense Rating: 4 ½ Stars.
  • Endurance Rating: 1 ½ Stars.
  • Mobility Rating: 1 ½ Stars.
  • Scoring Rating: 3 Stars.
  • Support Rating: 1 ½ Stars.
Gardevoir in Pokemon Unite
Gardevoir is a fairy-type pokemon that specializes in ranged attacks. TiMi Studios

As for its moveset, Gardevoir has the following abilities, many of which are themed around its psychic and space-warping powers.

  • Synchronize (Level 1): A passive ability effect that takes negative status effects that are cast against you (like decreased movement speed or "damage-over-time" conditions) and reflects them back onto your assailant. In this scenario, you will still suffer the consequences of the original attack.
  • Confusion (Level 1): A straightforward ranged attack.
  • Teleport (Level 1): Enables you to warp to the designated area.
  • Psychoshock (Level 6): A teleportation-based attack that hits the targeted location three consecutive times.
  • Future Sight (Level 6): An alternative teleportation-based attack, that drops an explosive blast into the targeted area.
  • Psychic (Level 8): A ranged explosion that, upon detonation, decreases enemy movement speed.
  • Moonblast (Level 8): An attack that allows Gardevoir to fire projectiles while simultaneously backing away from opponents.
  • Unite Move — Fairy Singularity (Level 10): Acting like a gravity well, this move will draw opponents into a black hole and then inflict heavy damage upon them.

For a guide on how to level up your Gardevoir, or any other Pokemon, read our walkthrough here.

'Pokemon Unite': How to Unlock Gardevoir

To play as Gardevoir, you will need to unlock the fighter's "Unite License."

As with all other Pokemon, you can simply purchase this from the Battle Committee Store. If you choose to pay with the currency that is earned in-game, by completing matches, then the license will cost you 8,000 aeos coins.

Alternatively, you can spend 460 gems (the game's premium microtransaction), which equates to just under $7.99. Newsweek has prepared a breakdown of the various currencies in Pokemon Unite, so that you can make a more informed decision about how you want to pay for Gardevoir.

Gardevoir Unite License Recieved
Gardevoir's license can be purchased for 8,000 aeos coins or 460 gems. TiMi Studios