'Pokemon Unite': Full Character Roster on the Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Unite releases on the Nintendo Switch this week and will feature 20 playable characters at launch.

Given that it is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), each of the game's fighters will fit into a designated role, whether they are attackers, defenders, speedsters, supporters, or even all-rounders.

For the best chance at winning a match, teams will need to ensure that they have diverse representation from across each of these groups. For example, it is not advisable to have a lineup comprised solely of heavy hitters, as this would leave no one left to provide healing or to take on more agile opponents.

To help you balance your teams properly, and select the right fighter for each situation, Newsweek has compiled a list of all playable characters that have been confirmed for Pokemon Unite so far.

This roster breakdown includes a description of each fighter's respective attributes, their special "Unite Moves" and (where applicable) their evolution path. It is worth noting that the list is not necessarily exhaustive—as additional pokemon will be added to the game at a later date—but, at the time of writing, this is everybody that has been confirmed.

Incidentally, if you start Pokemon Unite on the Nintendo Switch this Wednesday, any fighters that you unlock can be transferred over to the mobile version when that launches in September. To find out more about the game's cross-progression functionality, read our in-depth explanation here.

'Pokemon Unite' Character Roster

Pokemon FighterFighter Class Pokemon DescriptionUnite MoveDifficulty
PikachuAttackerPikachu specializes in ranged attacks, with its electricity occasionally leaving opponents paralyzed.Thunderstorm: Blasts all surrounding enemies with lightningNovice
CharizardAll-RounderEvolves from Charmander (level 1) into Charmeleon (level 4) and then into Charizard (level 9). Can use powerful moves to inflict damage across a wide area.Seismic Slam: Grab an enemy, fly into the air and then slam them into the ground.Novice
SnorlaxDefenderWith a high endurance rating, Snorlax can soak up a lot of damage.Power Nap: Roll around in your sleep to squash enemies.Novice
CrustleDefenderEvolves from Dwebble (level 1) into a Crustle (level 4). Can impede enemy movement by summoning rocks to obstruct their path.Rubble Rouser: Armor yourself in a swirl of boulders.Novice
GreninjaAttackerEvolves from Froakie (level 1) to Frogadier (level 5) to Greninja (level 7). Greninja is a stealth-based Pokemon that uses covert tactics like smokescreens and illusions to stay out of sight.Waterburst Shuriken: Deal massive damage to opponents by throwing a huge water shuriken down on them from above.Expert
EldegossSupporterEldegoss is a healer that can be used to support teammates and boost their movement speed.Cotton Cloud Crash: Lift into the air to slam down onto the ground, restoring HP to allies while dealing damage to opposing Pokemon.Novice
TalonflameSpeedsterEvolves from Fletchling (level 1) to Flectchinder (level 5) to Talonflame (level 7). Talonflame is a hard target for enemy players to hit, as it soars over the battle arena.Flame Sweep: Charge forward over a long distance while cloaked in flame.Novice
LucarioAll-RounderLucario has fairly balanced stats, with the exception of its half-star support rating.Aura Cannon: Send out an "aura blast" that inflicts major damage on enemies.Expert
VenusaurAttackerEvolves from Bulbasaur (level 1) to Ivysaur (level 5) to Venusaur (level 9). Venusaur can inflict major damage on opponents with a 4-and-a-half-star offense rating.Verdant Anger: Emit a powerful "seed bomb" that scatters and damages surrounding Pokémon.Intermediate
Mr. MimeSupporterMr. Mime is a trickster fighter who sows confusion amongst the enemy team.Showtime!: A mysterious pantomime that stuns opponents in the area around it.Intermediate
SlowbroDefenderEvolves from Slowpoke (level 1) to Slowbro (level 4). Boasting a high defense rating, Slowbro is a perfect "tank" fighter and can soak up plenty of damage.Slowbeam: Lock enemies into place at the expense of your own movement.Intermediate
AbsolSpeedsterThe opposite of Slowbro, Absol can move across the battlefield in the blink of an eye but is quite vulnerable to damage.Midnight Slash: Rip at enemies with a deadly slash that inflicts high damage.Expert
MachampAll-RounderEvolves from Machop (level 1) to Machoke (level 4) to Machamp (level 9). Machamp is a proficient melee fighter with a close-quarters move set.Barrage Blow: Sprint forward and unleashes a devastating combo attack on whoever is in your path.Intermediate
WigglytuffSupporterEvolves from Jigglypuff (level 1) to Wigglytuff (level 4). Wigglytuff can immobilize enemies, making it a useful support pokemon.Starlight Recital: A shield buff for Wigglytuff and nearby allies.Intermediate
Alolan NinetalesAttackerEvolves from Alolan Vulpix (level 1) to Alolan Ninetales (level 9). Alolan Ninetales is an ice-type pokemon that can freeze opponents in their tracks.Snow Globe: Create a blizzard that envelops nearby players.Intermediate
CramorantAttackerResembling a seagull, Cramorant can trap prey in its mouth and then spit them out as a projectile missile.Gatling Gulp Missile: Unload a barrage of missiles at your foes.Expert
GengarSpeedsterEvolves from Gastly (level 1) to Haunter (level 5) to Gengar (level 9). Gengar is a master of stealth and is perfect for ambushing enemies.Phantom Ambush: Turn invisible for a period of time.Expert
GarchompAll-RounderEvolves from Gible (level 1) to Gabite (level 6) to Garchomp (level 10). Garchomp actually has the unique ability to deflect attacks back to opponents.Livid Outrage: Enter a "rage mode" and attack opponents.Intermediate
CinderaceAttackerEvolves from Scorbunny (level 1) to Raboot (level 5) to Cinderace (level 7). Scorbunny is both agile and strong, making him a formidable combatant.Blazing Bicycle Kick: Kick a giant ball of fire at enemies to inflict significant damage.Novice
ZeraoraSpeedsterZerora can teleport across short distances and deal lightning damage with its paws. Can be unlocked by signing into the game before August 31. Plasma Gale: Emit a powerful electric blast that creates a field of lightning around the combat zone.Expert
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