Woman Dances While Carrying Grandmother, 93, in Tear-Jerking Viral Video

A grandmother has shared a video showing how she dances with ger granddaughter now she has grown up, and the result has gone viral online.

The footage, which has surpassed 6.2 million views, was posted by a 93-year-old woman called Fran, on her TikTok account Fran_the_hip_gram.

The clip begins with some old camcorder footage of Fran carrying her young granddaughter, who looks around three years old, as they merrily dance around the kitchen.

Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" plays in the background.

Text overlaying the video reads: "When you used to carry your granddaughter to dance, but now, at 92, she carries you."

The footage then cuts to Fran's granddaughter now fully grown, carrying the nonagenarian and dancing outdoors on a lawn.

Fran captioned the heartwarming footage, which can be viewed here, writing: "#remix #fyp #throwbacksongs #friendship #grandma #showyourglow #fypシ."

The adorable clip has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on September 11, having been liked by a whopping 1.5 million people.

More than 24,300 comments have been left beneath the video, with many people gushing over the adorable moment.

One TikTok user, MB, wrote: "I love it... you have tears in my eyes... beautiful."

Another person, Leena Bridgemohan, added: "This made me cry. God bless you, you are a great grandchild. Grandmom is the best. This is true love. This is so beautiful. You made her happy."

Deanett Upchurch typed: "I'm laughing, crying and smiling. Absolutely beautiful."

Kodye Elyse Official revealed: "This is the most wholesome thing," alongside a string of sad-face emojis.

Corey stated: "I love this she's so precious. I miss my nana so much."

Jem gushed: "Ahhh that put such a big smile on my face."

Ashley opined: "This is more special than you may think."

Leah Canter explained: "This is the best thing I've ever seen on here!!!!!"

Hopeless commented: "If there is a video that should be top of TikTok this is it!!!! My mom is 79 and not doing good and this makes my whole heart smile."

Bethany revealed: "I just my granny this week cherish every memory you have and make as many as you can."

This is not the only video that has recently gone viral showing the elderly to have a lust for life.

A clip featuring a Cuban couple boogying in front of an outdoor stage has delighted many online.

The woman, who is wearing a purple dress with a matching long cardigan and sandals, is shaking her hips opposite her partner, who is wearing a gold and purple shirt.

Their impressive dance has been viewed 53.4 million times on TikTok and the video is captioned: "It's Friday and the body knows it."

Newsweek has contacted Fran for comment.

grandmother and girl dancing
A stock image of a grandmother and granddaughter dancing. On TikTok a 93-year-old showed how she used to carry her granddaughter to dance, but now its the other way around. Getty Images