Woman's Attempt at Dealing with Rogue Chipmunk Has Internet In Stitches

A self-confessed "animal lover" got a little more than she bargained for while attempting to help a chipmunk trapped between the inside and outside of her window.

Ashley Caron from Georgetown, Minnesota was only trying to do right by her new furry friend, who was caught in the gap between the window frame and an outer protective screen designed to prevent intruders of this kind.

But as the saying goes, the best laid plans of mice, or rather chipmunks, and men often go awry, and we could even add 'no good deed goes unpunished' into the mix.

The video of Ashley trying and ultimately failing to help the four-legged interloper has already been viewed 16 million times since being uploaded to the TikTok account GetBurly.

A chipmunk chewing seeds.
Stock image of a chipmunk chewing seeds - A video showing one woman's efforts to free an unfortunate chipmunk has gained millions of viewers online. Giga/Getty

Despite their friendly demeanor and association with any number of cute and cuddly animated characters, Ashley is right to exercise some caution when it comes to dealing with a chipmunk.

According to the pest control resource website pest.org, chipmunks can carry a variety of nasty diseases as result of being bitten or by hosting an infected flea or tick.

Some, like Colorado Tick Fever and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, will result in flu-like symptoms, with the latter also likely to result in a rash. Others, meanwhile, like plague and rabies can prove fatal if left untreated. A chipmunk bite could prove similarly deadly.

Evidently aware of the risk they posed, Ashley, who is a mother of two, decided to take action to try and get the chipmunk out of the house. It did not go to plan though.

As the video shows, she had originally intended to free the chipmunk from between the gap where it was stuck before "shooing" it through the house and out of the open front door.

Evidently terrified at the task at hand, she pleaded to the chipmunk "please don't do anything crazy, don't bite me or give me any terrible diseases."

What she failed to account for, however, was the intervention of her dog, Boss. Having ushered the animal down to the window sill with freedom seemingly in sight, Boss took it upon himself to scoop the chipmunk up in his mouth and run off with it.

To say Ashley was not expecting her dog to do this would be something of an understatement with the pet owner letting out a panicked shriek as Boss bounded out of view with the chipmunk. "Nooo! Boss!!!" She can be heard screaming as the footage ends.

It's fair to say the footage got people talking on social media with the clip amassing over 28,000 comments from mostly stunned viewers. ICastillo34 said: "I don't know what I was expecting but it was NOT the dog" with __thebizz commenting: "OMG NO!!! BOSS ATE IT!!"

Loretta Howe had some sympathy, writing: "My dogs are murderers every time I try to save some thing they end up killing it," while Monica Brady theorized: "Boss was probably been watching that thing in the yard for weeks, he saw his opportunity and ran with it."

Bri Hall reckoned Boss probably though Ashley was "taking too damn long" dealing with the chipmunk and intervened with rosesarered823 desperate for an update commenting: "please tell me he's alive."

In a follow-up post, Ashley explained she is "an animal lover" which is why she screamed at what happened.

"I am so mortified and I also don't want Boss to eat something that could hurt him," she told followers. She went on to reveal that her screaming almost prompted her neighbors to call the cops as they thought "a murder was being committed."


Reply to @nocalcakes there’s been reports the chipmunk lives! Im sorry wonderful neighbors. #iamthedrama

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Thankfully, Ashley went on to confirm that everyone escaped from the encounter unscathed. "Miraculously enough I got the chipmunk out of his mouth and George, our neighbor, saw him scurry off into the backyard," she said.

She explained that the problem started when her daughter spotted a chipmunk in the house and rather than "take care of it" ended up giving it "a banana."

"I was scared and I felt bad and I just wanted to take God's creature and love it and have it be my best friend but give it its life back and my dog just snatched it away," she said. Ashley also defended Boss' intervention.

"He helped get the chipmunk out and my kids did not have to touch a strange animal, possibly with diseases," she said. "So I think that's a win-win."


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Newsweek has contacted Ashley Caron for comment.