Woman's Dog Put Down After Two Large Dogs Jumped Her Fence and Attacked It

A Nebraska woman's dog has died after being attacked by two other dogs that jumped the fence of her backyard.

Bellevue resident Terri Marinan said she had returned home and then let her Pomeranian/Papillon mix, Jack, outside.

But just moments later, two large dogs leaped over the fence and began attacking Jack, who weighs about 10 pounds, KETV reported.

"I was just shaking," Marinan said.

The woman and her children rushed Jack to the vet, but the injuries he had sustained were severe.

"He had broken ribs, punctured lungs, he had bites real bad to his legs that were swollen and bruised, and his neck, all the way across, was cut open," Marinan said.

Due to the extent of his injuries, Marinan took the decision to have her pet euthanized.

"It tears my heart out. I mean Jack was amazing," Marinan said of the dog, who had helped to support one of her son's emotionally when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Following the incident, Marinan tried to find the owner of the two dogs on social media. Eventually, she found the individual asking for help on a lost pets page.

Several people had commented on the page that they had seen the dogs in multiple places that day.

"They had seen them, and said they were hopping fences looking to fight," Marinan said. "My neighbor said she just barely got her dog inside."

The woman said she contacted the owner of the two dogs after the individual posted that they were "home safe."

The Nebraska Humane Society said it had issued the owner with a citation for having unregistered, unvaccinated dogs that were not properly restrained.

According to the organization, the owner must now register the pets as potentially dangerous dogs.

This means the dogs would have to wear muzzles and be on a six-foot leash with a harness when not on their own property. It also means the dogs must be microchipped and spayed or neutered.

If the owner does not comply with the requirements, they will have to surrender the dogs.

Marinan said she wants the owner to be forced to erect a new, taller fence so that the dogs cannot jump over.

"I think that shows right from the get-go they were not responsible," she said. "Fences are also a big deal with me. I think certain dogs should have certain height fences."

The woman also said she hopes that no one else has to go through what her family experienced.

"It worries me more even now that they've attacked, they've had that taste, that fight, that hunt," she said. "It was terrible. I don't want it to happen to anybody else."

This is not the only recent incident involving a dog attacking another pet dog.

In August last year, a nine-year-old repeatedly kicked a pit bull that was attacking her beloved family dog.

Nicolina Pasquale was walking her great uncle's pet near her home in Worcester, Massachusetts, when the incident occurred.

An aggressive dog
Stock image showing an aggressive dog. A Nebraska woman’s dog was put down after being attacked by two other dogs that jumped the fence of her backyard. iStock