Woman Reveals Dramatic Rescue After Float Is Dragged Out to Shark-Infested Waters

A woman has shared the dramatic rescue the coast guard mounted after her inflatable got dragged out in shark-infested waters.

Beachgoer Kelsey Jackson shared a clip to TikTok, recalling how excited she was to use her giant float on the water.

Jackson revealed she spent a few hundred bucks on the yellow-and-green inflatable, which she described as "cute."

But their trip to Fort Morgan Beach, in Alabama, turned into a nightmare after a strong current pulled her 2 miles out to sea.

A huge rescue operation was organized, which saw helicopters deployed to rescue the stranded group.

Sharing the story online, Jackson said: "So excited to use the $265 float or the beach. Look how cute. Until the undertow pulled us almost 2 miles from the shore. Helicopters, coast guard, and good Samaritans came to our rescue."

The clip, shared at the weekend, has amassed thousands of views, as people expressed their shock over the events.

But in a follow-up clip, Kelsey revealed they were in much more danger than they realized, as she also explained why they didn't simply jump off the float and swim to shore.

"We did consider it, and almost jumped out several times in the beginning before we got pulled so far out," Jackson added.

"But really there's two reasons why we decided not to, the first one being how fast we got pulled out, made us wonder would we even be able to swim in. Or was whatever was pulling us out affect our ability to swim in, safely. We're good swimmers but we were genuinely afraid of drowning.

"Second of all there was fish jumping in and out of the water all around us, that made us think there were sharks. Then helicopters started swarming and it kept dipping down and blowing up water. They later told us it was because they saw sharks circling our float.

"Ultimately the coastguard said we made the right decision to stay in the float. Two people had actually drowned the week before trying to swim in that water. They say if we had jumped out and tried to swim it would have been a recovery not a rescue."

Jackson confirmed the rescue operation was free, as Julio Kichline sympathized with the terrifying experience, saying: "Oh how scary it will pull you miles within minutes."

KC noted: "This is terrifying. Lake, river or inland only next time."

Carfugian declared: "50 years ago you people would have died."

Chel_g8tr wrote: 2Dang! I'm glad ya'll are ok. Scary."

While Amanda Snell declared: "Floats do not belong in the ocean people!"

Newsweek contacted Jackson for comment.

Inflatable pineapple floating in sea.
Stock image of an inflatable pineapple floating in sea. A woman recounted her dramatic rescue from shark-infested waters after her float got dragged out to sea. Iana Surman/Getty Images