'Sinner': Woman Eating 'Prime' Filet Mignon With Ketchup Sparks Debate

A man complaining about the way his adult daughter eats her steak has sparked debate online after a picture of a prime filet mignon captured viral attention.

Shared by Shane Johnson from Utah—who uses the Reddit handle Shaneblaster—the picture was posted on the popular subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating—a place packed with images and stories about life's little frustrations.

The picture that now has more than 31,000 upvotes and over 6,000 comments was shared with the caption: "My adult daughter dips her prime fillet mignon in ketchup."

With thousands of responses, the woman's steak-eating preference has sparked debate.

Steak and ketchup Reddit
The picture of the steak fillet and ketchup shared on Reddit. A woman who enjoys eating steak with ketchup has sparked debate online after a post went viral. Shaneblaster/Reddit

"Your daughter is a sinner," wrote one Reddit user. "Sounds gross, but people are allowed to like food combinations that you don't like," wrote another.

Johnson told Newsweek: "It's a running gag between me and my daughter. We buy prime fillet tenderloins that cost about $30 a piece, and the family loves them. I season and grill to perfect medium rare and my daughter will take this beautiful thing and desecrate it with ketchup.

"I tease I should just buy her a cheaper cut if she's just going to bury it with ketchup. Everybody deserves to eat their food how they like it and this is really all just playful banter between us."

There is plenty to think about when it comes to beef-eating preference. A YouGov survey undertaken in 2019 showed more than 1,200 American adults labeled images of steak ranging from blue rare to well done. Some 24 percent of adults surveyed selected the well done meat as their preference, while the least popular options were at the top end of the spectrum with just 2 percent selecting blue rare and 2 percent selecting burnt.

The survey found that men were more likely than women to choose a medium-rare steak, while women are statistically more likely to request a well-done steak.

According to YouGov, nearly one in 10 U.S. adults don't eat steak at all. In 2020 Americans had access to more than 27 billion pounds of beef according to industry stats.

This woman is far from the first person to pair steak with ketchup—with former President Donald Trump enjoying the pairing on more than one occasion, much to the disdain of the American public with one Twitter user responding to the news in 2017 by writing: "Trump eating a well-done steak with ketchup. Dawg... What more do you need for an impeachment?!"

Another Reddit user shared an experience with another famous face that enjoys ketchup with their steak and said: "I worked at a fancy restaurant in Vancouver and we had to go to the 7-Eleven next door to get ketchup because Ice-T wouldn't eat his steak without it."

But luckily for this woman, the internet seems to have a lot more tolerance for palate preference when you're not the leader of the free world. Many Redditors backed the woman's ketchup-and-steak meal.

One commenter said: "Your adult daughter knows exactly what she wants in life. And she doesn't care about what other people think."

Another said: "I will never understand America's bizarre fetishization of a steak. She's an adult. It's her food. What is the problem?"

"It seems half the comments thought my daughter should be put into an asylum for putting ketchup on a prime cut. The other half were directed at me and my lack of grilling skills and judging how my daughter eats," said Johnson: "It was insane. I had no idea this was going to create so much controversy. And I'm still getting comments on the matter.

"This was all meant in fun, and it still is. But evidently it struck a chord."

UPDATE 04/20/22 11:05 a.m. EDT: This article was updated with a new image and comments from the poster.