Woman Convinced She'll Be Evicted for Dog's Unusual Bark: 'Screaming'

A dog owner is convinced she's going to be kicked out her apartment, as her dog has been "screaming" at people from the balcony.

Amber is the proud owner of a French bulldog, named Walter Geoffrey, whose bark is definitely worse than his bite, namely because he makes a strange loud yelling sound when he opens his mouth.

Amber, from Austin, Texas, regularly shares clips of Walter, and her other Frenchie, Charlotte Grace, but the former is the more popular of the pair, with 783,000 followers on his certified Instagram account.

His owner uploaded a clip to her TikTok page, @waltergeoffrey, last week, as she filmed her home, which comes with a balcony overlooking the parking lot.

In the video a bizarre sound can be heard, and as Amber walks towards the door and opens it, it's revealed Walter is the source of the cacophony.

"Walter, stop. You can't yell at people from the balcony like that, you're going to get us kicked out," she says in the background.

While the on-screen text on the video, which can be seen here, says: "Maybe getting a balcony was a bad idea."

The loud sound, unlike a typical dog bark, has caused a sensation online, with the clip viewed more than 34 million times.

"Raise your hand if you think we're getting kicked out of this apartment," Amber captioned the video.


Raise your hand if you think we’re getting kicked out of this apartment… 🙋‍♂️ #foryou #fyp #dogsofttiktok #frenchie

♬ original sound - waltergeoffrey

Amber shared the same video to her Facebook page, where she also compared Walter's voice to someone flogging food at a match.

She said: "He's either auctioning off our apartment or acting like he's selling hotdogs at a baseball game... hopefully someone has a spare room for us."

The immensely annoying sound has seen numerous people admit that if they were Amber's neighbor, they would be calling management.

Jessica Taylor Hawthorne wrote: "I would be such a Karen about this noise."

RoTV claimed: "I would be so mad waking up to that."

Aden reckoned: "Sounds like a drill sergeant."

"He is not barking he is screaming," Kae added.

Wereyoutho said: "I would be calling animal control after 5 mins of that and then every day after until that thing got kicked out lol."

While Preston_Clayman added: "Expect an eviction notice on your door."

In a follow-up clip, seen more than two million times, she revealed Walter can imitate a traditional dog bark, claiming he's "bilingual."

And she's had fun with his unique voice, previously playing various clips of Walter shrieking to Harry Styles hit Watermelon Sugar, which amassed more than eight million views.

Newsweek reached out to Amber for comment.

File photo of a French bulldog.
File photo of a French bulldog. A woman has shared a clip of her dig's unusual bark which has been compared to a scream. Getty Images/Firn