Woman Reveals Exact Compartment to Find Leftover Cash Inside a Dryer

A woman has revealed where to look in your dryer to find money, after fishing out more than $100 from the bottom of her machine.

Doing laundry is a chore, but all the years of washing and folding your clothes may be about to pay off after Chadsigmachi, who calls herself Sav online, shared a hack to TikTok.

In a clip, shared on Sunday, she said: "I just did a little deep dive into my dryer and I found a dime, but also like $150 dollars."

Sav films a surface filled with rolled-up notes, which she later smoothes out, with $20, $5 and single dollar bills among the haul.

She continued: "First of all nobody told me you're supposed to clean this out. But there's more. So I found $137. There's got to be a joke about money laundering but I'm not very bright."

The clip was watched more than a million times as people demanded to know more, with Sav posting a series of follow-up videos.

In response to the exact spot where she found the cash, she said "I don't know what yours looks like," while opening the dryer door, and pulling out a vent at the front of the machine.

Sav continued: "Right at the bottom. This cocktail spoon was my best tool to scoop it out. Good luck."

Numerous people claimed they're immediately searching their dryer for money, as Qnzworld wrote: "Me about to do this in my apartment building shared laundry."

Agreeing, Kennedy admitted: "About to do this to the 50 laundry units at my apartment."

Kris10 Million strategized, saying: "I'm tryna go harvest my parents dryer they keep their appliances for about a billion years."

Thinking along the same lines, Jatziry Vela289 commented: "Not me waiting for my mom to leave for work."

Allison joked: "You accidentally made a savings account."

While Mia admitted: "I do this at my apartment complex all the time. It's my gas money."

Shayna commented: "If I go look in my dryer and there's not $100 in there Imma be upset."

Sav later upgraded her tools and went over the machine where she lives, in an unknown location, a second time in the hope of finding more cash.

"Whoever told me to unscrew this and vacuum it out. count your days," she said, after unscrewing a panel and vacuuming inside.

"Going back in to find more money. So there was no more money in there. Thanks for tricking me into cleaning."

Newsweek has reached out to Sav for comment.

Woman cleaning the trap of a dryer.
Stock image of a woman cleaning fluffy trap of the drying machine. A tenant has shared a video revealing exactly where she found cash hidden in her appliance. Viktoria Enger-Tsizikova/Getty Images