Woman's List of Rules for First Date Including Who Should Pay Sparks Debate

A woman on TikTok has instigated a major discussion about social etiquette after sharing a video to the platform detailing her rules for first dates.

YouTuber and podcast star Brooke Miccio found herself under the social media microscope after posting a clip chronicling the list, under the handle brookemiccio. The 24-year-old posted the video explaining that she felt the need to share her tips as she is something of a "seasoned pro" when it comes to first dates.

At the time of writing, footage of her detailing her 11 rules has been viewed more than 371,000 times with the content dividing many online. It can be viewed here.

In the clip, Miccio starts by explaining that she makes a point of wearing heels on a first date to flush out any prospective partner who might be lying about his height—something she says is common on dating apps.

"It's just embarrassing if I show up in 2-inch heels and we're the same height," she says. "Like, you're lying about something somewhere."

She also says it is important to turn up to the date "three to five minutes late" in order to ensure he already has a table.

Not that you will be ordering anything other than drinks. According to Miccio, food should be avoided on a first date because, as she puts it, you can end up being "trapped" if the date is going badly and your meal has yet to arrive.

She also stresses that first dates should last no longer than two-and-a-half hours, even if things are going well. Miccio makes no bones when it comes to another hotly debated first date topic, explaining that "the guy pays" but noting she will often offer "as a test."

Other more unusual rules listed in the text in the background of the video include that the guy she is meeting "must" tell her when his birthday is and, if they do kiss, it should be done so "sitting down."


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"There is basically nothing I hate more than having my hand held," she adds. "I don't like to hold hands. Do not try to hold my hand." Miccio also believes it is important, regardless of how the date went, for the man she met to check in that she got home safely.

"It's the polite thing to do," she explains. "You're sending a lady home on the streets—be like, 'Hey, did you get home safe?' or 'Hey, had a great time.' Check in with me."

Her list signs off with a final rule to "most importantly have fun." Though, Miccio's version of "fun" didn't necessarily sit well with everyone commenting on her clip. Debi Kiktavy branded the list "controlling," while M Carreros jibed: "I think I see part of the reason you're a pro at first dates."

"This just doesn't sound at all," amelia15897 opined. "Dating is hard." Pyratracing commented that Riccio's list was full of "major red flags," while DoodleAPoodle complained that there were "a lot of expectations on the guy."

"What happened to gender equality?" they asked.

However, there were an almost equal number of people who felt Miccio was on the money with her list of rules. Rai (: commented: "This entire list is so on point but also the text when you're home thing is so true. I low key judge friends if they don't ask me when I ask them."

Milflover agreed: "yeah it's a lot of 'rules' but it's literally a stranger your meeting up with." Diep Luu was especially keen on Miccio's recommendation that you arrive slightly late, noting "there's nothing more embarrassing than waiting there first for some reason."

Savannah commented: "Love this...You know what you want and what you're looking for, no need to waste time on someone who is not right for you." Macie H, meanwhile, declared: "I have never related to a dating TikTok more wow."

Newsweek has contacted Miccio for comment.

The viral post has come to light just weeks after another woman shared a list of "rules" her ex-boyfriend formulated to govern their relationship.

And while Miccio may have had her fair share of underwhelming dates, those likely pale in comparison to the experience of another singleton who recently shared her experience of meeting up with one prospective partner during a hurricane.

Woman looking unhappy on a date.
Stock photo of a woman looking unimpressed on date. A TikTok of another woman discussing her rules for a first date has gone viral. Prostock-Studio/Getty