Woman's Story of Horrible First Date During Hurricane Ida Goes Viral

Those of us who are single can attest to the fact that the dating scene can be tough, however one woman's recent first date has still managed to take the internet by "storm."

New York-based Cassidy Dangler recently took to TikTok to share details of a disastrous date she had while her city was being hit by Hurricane Ida.

Posting to the app on September 3, Dangler shared a video diary of the date and it has already gone viral, having surpassed 6.2 million views.

The clip begins with footage of rain pouring down on a New York street as yellow taxis zoom past, with overlaid text reading: "When you accidentally go on first date in a hurricane because you feel bad canceling last minute and he wants to go."

The camera then cuts to Dangler, wearing a rain jacket which is absolutely sodden, as she reveals her umbrella has turned inside out, and says: "I'm soaked!"

She then films the street which is covered in a layer of water, as she exclaims: "Honestly if I don't find love with this kind of effort I put in then who will!?"

Next, we see her once she has left the date, and she is again walking on a very rainy street as she reveals: "This is after the date, which was one single hour long, in which he made me pay for myself when I trekked through a literal hurricane.

"We walked outside an he said: 'Yeah, you're right we should have rescheduled.'"

The text on the video, which can be watched here, also explains: "He also lived 10 blocks away I lived 80."

Following this, Dangler films herself on the train looking unamused, before walking home through large puddles and joking: "No man on earth has ever made a woman this wet.

"It is moments like this when you really know whether you are a Sex and the City kind of New York girl or New York Broad City kind of New York girl. Guess which one I am!"

She then enters her apartment telling her flatmate the experience was a "zero out of 10."

The video ends with her enjoying a margarita on the couch, proclaiming: "This is where I wanted to be all along."

Dangler captioned the post, writing: "It's brutal out here #nyc #nycdating #hinge #bumble #firstdate #newyorkcity #dating #datingstorytime #hurricaneida #datingapp #nycdating."

The video has gained a lot of traction online, having already attracted 1.2 million likes.

Already more that 16,800 people have rushed to the comments section to share their opinion on the shocking first date.

One TikTok user, JoannaSugar, wrote: "No first date is worth this."

Another person, Tonidoesnails, added: "They say dating in New York is hard but wow."

Asian Low Key opined: "Nah first red flag is not him wanting to go somewhere that's at least halfway for both of y'all."

Stephjb28 gushed: "You have such a fun, positive kind of personality especially during a hurricane! Glad you made it home safely!"

Serena asked: "Bestieeeee no Uber??? Romance is dead."

Emre Wilson828 stated: "I think you're an incredibly person for doing all that and he sucks! Someone amazing is going to luck out with you!"

User1149538272915 exclaimed: "Seeing you comfy and dry on the couch with a drink after all that is so satisfying."

Newsweek have contacted Dangler for comment.

Woman with umbrella in wind
A woman holding an umbrella which has turned inside out in the wind. On TikTok a woman shared her shocking story of going on a date in New York during a hurricane. Getty Images