Woman Had Organ Removed After Not Farting in Front of Boyfriend for Years

Some would call one woman's lack of flatulence around her partner a gas, but it ultimately led to an emergency hospital visit.

Irish barista Cara Clarke, 19, reportedly had to get her appendix removed in the past week after two full years of holding in farts around her boyfriend, Kyle Duffy, 21. Clarke posted a TikTok video on March 29 on her account that has been viewed about 2.2 million times.

Clarke told the Nottingham Post that she developed "extreme stomach pain" while at work last Tuesday and immediately went to the hospital. The Louth native said she discovered she had an infection that required the removal of the appendix before it burst —all seemingly because she would not pass gas in front of Duffy, who reportedly was "dying laughing" at the reasoning for the surgery.

"I do hold in my farts but I didn't think I would be in hospital over it," she told the publication. "I'm pretty easy-going other than the burps and farts...I was in so much pain I couldn't hold in my tears. My doctor said to me, 'I'm so, so sorry you're in so much pain'. I was limping when I was walking all hunched over.

"At hospital, I started blaming my boyfriend because I do always hold my farts in around him," she continued. "We've been together two years and it's still the case. He honestly didn't know what to say. He said, 'God, people are going to think you're afraid of everything with me.'"

An Irish woman had to get her appendix removed, which she said was due to not farting in front of her boyfriend for two years. iStock/Getty Images

The short video included a picture of Clarke and Duffy with text reading, "Me and my boyfriend doing everything comfortable & together." But the next image shows her laying in a hospital as the text reads, "Me having to get my appendix removed because I hold in my farts around him."

The video stirred up nearly 2,700 comments, many of which included women like Clarke who do the same. Others said they "let loose" around their male partners without a care. One user simply said, "New fear unlocked."

"Almost 5 years together and that man has never heard me fart," one user commented.

"I would never make that sacrifice for a man," another said.

"I've held them in ALL MY LIFE around EVERYONE," one woman commented. "None of my friends and family have witnessed me letting one RIP since I was a baby."

The appendix is a thin tube connected to the large intestine and is located in the lower right part of the stomach, or abdomen. Johns Hopkins says that appendicitis is a medical emergency due to the possibility of the organ bursting.

Appendicitis can be caused by viral infections, bacteria or parasites in one's digestive tract—or when the appendix "is blocked or trapped by stool." Or it may happen when the tube that joins your large intestine and appendix is blocked or trapped by stool.

Healthline reports that a buildup of gas can cause sharp pains in the abdominal area, adding that gas pain tends to be short-lived and usually does not require medical attention. However, it is noted that passing gas can help alleviate the possibility of abdominal pain and appendicitis occurring altogether.

Clarke said that when she arrived at the hospital, it was instantly known that she had appendicitis. Whether or not gas buildup causing the condition was the cause or just a coincidence remains a mystery.

She said the emergency conducted last Thursday wasn't hectic and that it went well.

"At this stage, I'll just have to let it out from now on," she quipped.

Clarke added she was stunned that her TikTok video went viral.

"I did not expect this response at all," she admitted. "Kyle just basically called and knew I'd posted the TikTok video. We always take the piss out of each other. I didn't expect it to go viral overnight."