Woman Helping the Cat Beat Up Their New Puppy Delights Viewers: 'Bonding'

A cat and a puppy called Sassy and Remi have left the internet in stitches after a video of them fighting in their owner's living room went viral on social media.

In the video, shared on TikTok earlier in February by the pets' owner, under the username Cholemarie4, the cat and the puppy can be seen fighting as their owner separates them, telling the cat to run away before the puppy comes back for more.

The hilarious video which has been reshared almost 400 times, comes with a caption that says: "Helping the cat beat up the new puppy."

cat and dog fighting delight viewers
Stock image, cat and dog fighting. A dog and a cat's fighting video went viral on social media leaving users in stitches. Getty Images

Introducing a puppy to your cat can be challenging but it doesn't have to be traumatic for either of them. According to Cats Protection, the first step is preparing your house for the new addition—trying to accommodate the dog, with minimum disruption to your cat.

You should then swap their scents so that they get used to it and they won't smell a new pet just out of the blue, and then only allow them to meet gradually, under your supervision, and don't force a friendship between them all at once.

The video quickly attracted animal lovers from across the platform, receiving over 1.2 million views and 148,100 likes so far.

One user, chicken nuggets, commented: "they are becoming best friends." And sostrange said: "The tail, baby kitty wanted to playyy!" Champa Hippie added: "Sassy is going easy lol"

Fairy848 wrote: "homeward bound sassy?" And KayRic37 said: "They are bonding, sassy going to teach that puppy." kayjay6322 joked: "Hahaha, the cat knew what to do."

Another user, ash, commented: "my cat is a total dud when it comes to defending himself, my tiny chihuahua beats him up it's hilarious." And TheBelleofTwitch said: "I'm not scared of no dog." itstheceehive added: "I like how you said 'release the beast' and she immediately got up and started swinging

Jess joked: "How do I know you're a millennial. Your cat's name is Sassy." And Adriana said: "If you'll don't think that cat can hold her own...you don't know cats."

Newsweek reached out to Cholemarie4 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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