Woman Reveals Horrific Head Injury After Airbag Didn't Deploy in Car Crash

A woman has shared the horrific injuries she sustained in a car crash after her airbag didn't deploy.

Anasa, from the U.K., uploaded a graphic video to TikTok where she showed off her injuries, including a swollen head and two black eyes.

The 21-year-old added "warning, graphic content" to the images, as the montage of clips shows her black-and-blue face, with bloodshot eyes she can barely open.

The video, shared on Tuesday, amassed nearly nine million views, as people were shocked at the extent of her bruising. After her video blew up on TikTok, the Brit shared a storytime, explaining the backstory to her injuries.

She told followers: "In April last year I had a car accident, and my airbag didn't go off so my head hit the window pretty hard. This caused my head to swell with what I think was blood, there's no photos of me when it first ballooned because it was absolutely massive."

The video, which can be seen here, shows the severe car wreckage, with a sizable dent in the driver's door, suggesting the car hit her side-on.

Sharing pictures of herself in the aftermath, Anasa continued: "But this is me in the ambulance, laughing at the size of my head. I was checked up in the ambulance and sent home because I was fully responsive and conscious, because I never passed out when my head hit the window, and I could follow the woman's finger up and down so I didn't go to hospital. And then this was me at home not really sure what to do with myself."

She shared numerous photos of herself, with the right-hand side of her head swollen, along with a puffy cheek. But as the days and weeks went on, her injuries intensified.

Anasa said, alongside a photo of her with one black eye: "When I woke up the next day the swelling, which was like I said I think was blood, it settled down into my right eye and then I couldn't open it. And then progressively it got worse. I was completely normal for like the first couple of days, I was just shaken up."


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By the end, she's barely recognizable as her face is bruised and swollen, as she revealed she was still recovering months later.

Anasa, a singer, continues: "Until my severe concussion set in about five days later. Which was pretty bad, ended up lasting, eight weeks. My injury progressed and it got progressively worse."

Thankfully she assured followers: "I'm all well and good now, thank you."

The follow-up, shared on Wednesday, amassed more than a million views, as people expressed their sympathy and shock over her injuries.

BendyWendy thought: "Paramedics were absolutely wrong! I'm a nurse and you should never have been sent home after a head injury like that."

"The exact same thing happened to me (head injury and two black eyes.) That's crazy that they didn't do a CAT scan," Alice wrote.

While TivonWatts commented: "I'm so sorry that concussion recovery is so tough, you can't sleep constant headaches and it takes forever. I'm glad you're recovered."

And @3moti0nal simply said: "Sue both the hospital and the car company."

Newsweek reached out to Anasa for comment.

File photo of a car crash.
File photo of a car crash. A woman has shared the extent of her injuries after her airbag failed to deploy in a smash. Kwangmoozaa/Getty Images