Woman in Labor Reveals Her 'Bored' Husband Started Fixing Hospital Cabinets

A woman shared a hilarious clip from her hospital bed as she was in labor, showing her husband fixing cabinets.

Heidi Calmus claims her other half, Taylor, got "bored" waiting for their son to arrive, at Poudre Valley Hospital in Colorado.

It seems the dad-to-be had his tools with him, so decided to make himself useful and do a spot of DIY.

Taylor and Heidi shared the unbelievable clip to their social media channels, called Dude Dad, where it's been watched by millions.

Heidi said: "My husband got bored waiting for me to give birth. He started fixing the hospital's cabinets."

Taylor joked it was "pregnancy humor," adding "not all heroes wear capes."

His unusual way of passing the time in between contractions has been met with equal shock and admiration online.

Commenting on the video, ballfullofsunshine thought: "I'd give anything to have a handy husband. But now send the hospital a $10Kbill for his work."

While foxymeg78 asked: "Tell me that's not his tool box at the ready?! I must have missed that item on the 'what to pack for the hospital' list."

CaptainDadPool thought: "This is a mood though real talk. Guys feel utterly useless in this situation so we have to make ourselves feel like we're contributing in some way."

A few joked they should get a discount, with oh_its_car_man pointing out: "Hospital better discount some of that birth deductible."

But it seems Taylor isn't alone, as dad Gordon_graff_iv revealed: "I had to clean the big windows while waiting for our second child."

And Penny Franklin admitted: "Omg my dad did this when I was in the hospital for surgery! The door squeaked really bad so he WD40'd it."

AngelinaVita added: "I was born at home and my dad rearranged the entire house and built a table while waiting."

Sarah Ferrel wrote: "That man is not bored. He's nervous and anxious."

While Angela Strickland joked: "As a nurse thank you! It is a pain to get anything fixed on the unit."

Taylor later updated everyone after his son finally made an appearance, praising his wife.

He said: "Otto Oskar Calmus. I know I'm biased, but he might be the cutest baby to ever be born. Huge high five to @heidicalmus for bringing this little dude to life! To quote Peter Pan, 'to live would be an awfully big adventure.'"

The parents-to-be have been sharing their pregnancy journey online, and it seems Taylor previously revealed he was going to bring some tools to pass the time.

"When I get bored I like to tinker, and there might be things in the room that are loose," he said.