Florida Woman Allegedly Let 4-Year-Old Girl Drive Car, Resulting in Multiple Crashes

A woman in Boca Raton, Florida, was arrested Monday on charges of child neglect and hit-and-run, after she allegedly let her 4-year-old daughter drive her car.

A police report of the incident details that the vehicle crashed into bushes and a minivan as the minor was operating a Chevy Equinox.

A witness called the police and took photographs of the child driving with the woman, identified as Natallia Kakhniuk, sitting in the passenger seat.

Kakhniuk was also charged with resisting an officer at the scene.

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A stock image shows a police car. A woman in Florida was arrested after allowing a young child drive her car. Getty

Boca Raton Police Officer Kiana Walker responded to a report of a "white female juvenile that looked to be about 4-5 years old in the driver's seat of a white Chevy Equinox."

When the officer arrived, a witness told her that she saw the Chevy move forward into bushes and then reverse several times. The witness reported that Kakhniuk claimed the child was in the passenger seat, so the witness left before seeing shortly afterwards that the Equinox went into reverse at high speed and crashed into a parked minivan.

At that point, Kakhniuk got out of the passenger seat and put the child in the child seat and left the scene of the accident, according the witness's account in the police report.

Walker also made the report of the arrest and wrote: "I viewed all photos and the description of Kakhniuk matched the witnesses' description given on scene. All pictures and video to this incident were collected and marked for evidence. A (records) check revealed the address of the registered owner to be in the city of Boca Raton, so I responded to I found the vehicle parked in a parking space in front of [child's name redacted] and observed Kakhniuk exiting the vehicle at the driver's side."

Walker noted that damages to the vehicles were consistent with the damage done to the minivan before she detailed her interaction with Kakhniuk. The officer wrote that the suspect "was very short in her answers and very uncooperative."

Kakhniuk also did not mention the child in the driver's seat, said the report.

Walker informed Kakhniuk that she was conducing a child neglect investigation based off of witness statements and physical evidence. According to the report, the child ran out of the house as Walker was detailing the evidence. "Kakhniuk then went to take [the child] back into the house but locked the door behind her and did not come back out."

Officers waited approximately 20 minutes for Kakhniuk to come back outside before she returned. When Kakhniuk did, she was taken into custody. During the arrest, she "pulled away from officers" and was charged with resisting without violence along with child neglect.

Walker noted that after entering into the home, she observe the child appeared in "good health and was left with a family member."

Kakhniuk was booked at Palm Beach County Jail on Monday morning and released that night. A court date is pending.

The Boca Raton Police Department confirmed details of the arrest with Newsweek, including the child's age and relationship with Kakhniuk.