Woman Marvels at 11-Year-Old Charged With Carjacking Her 'Skipping' to Join Friends in Crime

An 11-year-old boy was arrested this week in connection with a robbery and carjacking from November, with the incident being caught on camera, according to police. Speaking to local media in Chicago after the arrest on Wednesday, one of the victims marveled at the child "skipping" along her lawn and driveway to join the crime.

The video of the crime was taken by a neighbor's doorbell security camera across the street in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood. The video shows a car pulling into a driveway and two women, a mother and her adult daughter, starting to remove what appear to be groceries from the trunk, all while two armed teens get out of a nearby vehicle and approach them.

"The kid stopped and looked at me and my daughter, looked at me and I said, 'Oh God,'" the mother, 57, explained to ABC 7 Chicago this week. "Within 20 seconds the kid walked up and pulled a gun out on us."

Shortly after this initial confrontation, the 11-year-old approaches the scene from the direction of the car the other two had gotten out of, which had reportedly parked in a nearby alley. According to the victims, the young boy seemed to skip as he approached them.

"He actually skipped like a child all the way up, skipping like a little—like young kids do," the mother continued. "He was being a kid."

By the end of the confrontation, the young robbers made off with the victims' SUV, purses, and phones.

On Thursday, Chicago police announced that the 11-year-old boy had been arrested the previous day in connection with the robbery by the department's Vehicular Hijacking Task Force. He currently faces a felony county of aggravated hijacking with a weapon and a misdemeanor count of criminal trespass to property.

According to CBS Chicago, the boy appeared in Cook County Juvenile Court the same day his arrest was announced. Due to the fact that he is a minor, his identity has not been disclosed to the public.

chicago robbery 11 year old
A woman in Chicago marveled this week at an 11-year-old boy, arrested Wednesday, "skipping" to join his friends in carjacking her a few months ago, as seen in a video. Above, a representational image of a crime scene in Chicago. Scott Olson/Getty Images

During the court appearance, the boy was arraigned on both charges, released, and placed under electronic monitoring. He is next due to appear in court on February 17.

The mother further stated that she suspects the boy was not fully aware of what he was involved in.

"It actually makes me very sad that kids are around these types of situations and not in school and doing what 11-year-olds usually do," she said, according to CBS Chicago. "I don't actually think he knew what he was doing, or getting involved with.

"I believe they're being taught that they can do whatever they want and there's not going to be a consequence. With the judges, the prosecutors, where are these parents, how are they raising these children?"

Police are still pursuing the other participants in the robbery.