Woman Who's Not Bathed in Years Shares Amazon Gadget Allowing Her To Soak Again

While a shower might be invigorating, there's nothing quite like relaxing in a warm bath after a long, hard day.

After not taking a bath in years, a woman shared the nifty Amazon gadget she bought which finally allowed her to have a soak—without moving house.

Sharing her find online, TikTok user TripleB raved about a portable plastic tub she got online, which is big enough for adults.

She said: "I finally get to soak! Best $150 I've ever spent hands down!"

In the video, where she unboxes her purchase, she says: "So we only have a shower. It sucks... I haven't taken a nice hot bath in over two-and-a-half years. So I took it upon myself to find us a bathtub."

TripleB filmed the new pop-out tub, which folds down when you're not using it—perfect for people living in tiny apartments.

She set it up next to her shower in her bathroom, and in follow-up videos she explained exactly how the set-up works.


I finally get to soak! best $150 I've ever spent hands down! #fyp

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To fill it up she pops the shower head inside the tub, and when she's done there's a plastic hose you attach to the side that drains the water into her shower plug.

She filmed herself relaxing in the tub for the first time, as she said: "Is it worth it? Yes it's worth it. Get yourself one of these. I'm a mermaid again. I will be using this is my backyard this summer for sure."

And it's not just her experiencing the joy of baths, as she revealed her son was about to take his first soak too.

She added: "My two-year-old son is about to take his first bath and play with toys. And I just wanted to share how happy he's going to be when he gets in here."

Thousands of people commented on the clips, thanking her for sharing her hack, with Tosh writing: "Omg I'm in your boat idk when was the last time I took a bath!!! Thank you!!!"

TikToker Dani Barnett thought: "It's so much more relaxing than having to take a shower all the time."

Jordan Kristine Rose admitted: "I thought my house was the only house with no tub. I feel your pain my 6 year old and newborn do too."

Casey Mitchell wrote: "Omg!! I need this! I haven't soaked in over 10yrs!!"

While Nikki Modisette added: "Thank you for letting me know about this!! Just ordered one!!"

Woman relaxing in the bath
Stock image of a woman relaxing in the bath. A mum who hasn't bathed in years has shared the Amazon gadget which allowed her to finally have a soak. Getty Images/Youngoldman