Woman Finds Huge Python Eating Bat Whole in Her Backyard

A woman was shocked to a find a huge python devouring a large bat in the backyard of her home in eastern Australia.

Tova Ferris from North Lakes, just north of Brisbane, captured images and video footage of the incident, which show the snake hanging from a tree with its body coiled around the bat and its mouth stretched wide open.

"S**t myself finding this hanging in my tree this morning eating a bat," Ferris said in a Facebook post accompanying the images. "At least I have something to do today."

Ferris told Newsweek that she first spotted the snake while sitting outside one morning last week having a coffee.

She said she heard a "weird sound"—a squawking noise she had never heard before. When Ferris looked to her right, she saw the python in the tree having its meal.

"At first I panicked and moved away real quick but then was amazed at what was happening in front of me," Ferris said.

The incident was totally unexpected given that she had not seen a single snake in her yard in the 15 years she has lived in the area. Ferris told Newsweek she had never seen "anything like this" before.

"I was very shocked," she told 7NEWS.com.au. "Once I sat back and had a look, I thought it's not everyday you get to see this."

Ferris said the python, which she described as being a "decent size," was eating the bat for around two hours before it slithered up to the top of the tree and rested for another two hours.

"When I came out later, it was long gone. I don't know where it went," Ferris said.

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The North Lakes resident said her neighborhood is suburban and not like the bushy, hinterland-type parts of Australia where pythons are frequently spotted eating large prey. Bats are common in the area, however, she said.

Ferris did not call a snake catcher to remove the python from her property, allowing the serpent to leave on its own. She said she has not seen the snake since the incident occurred.

"I was just happy to let it do its thing," she said. "I was pretty sure it would go on its merry way and hopefully I'd never see him again. I definitely wasn't panicking too much."

Reactions to Ferriss' Facebook post were mixed. Some users were amazed, with one commenting: "This is amazing! Circle Of life! I'd have watched that the whole time as well!"

But others were not so impressed: "Pack your bags and get outta there," another commenter said.

A python eating a bat whole
Image showing the python eating the bat whole. Tova Ferris