Woman Rages After Finding Bulldog Enjoying Her Freshly Run Bath

A bath may be the ultimate way to relax and recover after a long day, but when one woman on TikTok decided to have a good soak, her dog had other ideas.

The footage, shared to the app by an account called Wootywooandhudson2, begins with the woman filming as she walks through her house.

As she rounds the corner into the bedroom, where a dog is sitting on her bed, she shouts: "Okay I just legit heard a huge splash."

Turning into the bathroom she bellows: "That little pr**k better not be in my f**king bath."

We are then greeted with the sight of her British Bulldog sitting in the bathwater, surrounded by hair ties and products floating all around him.

The annoyed dog owner shrieks: "Oh Hudson, goddammit!"

Wootywooandhudson2 captioned the funny footage, which can be watched here, writing: "#bulldogmom #girlsbestfriend #bathtub #englishbulldogs #funnydogvideos #dogsoftiktok."

The dog owner told Newsweek: "Hudson has always loved the water—he would jump in my in-law's pool all the time and swim across! Woo-woo [her other dog], not so much!

"They bring me so much joy and I wanted to share all the funny videos I have collected of them for everyone to enjoy. This breed is very special—they are lazy, silly, loud and just plain naughty sometimes!"

The clip has gained a lot of traction on TikTok since it was posted on June 29, having garnered more than 11.8 million views and been liked by 1.7 million people.

The video has also attracted nearly 8,500 comments, with many people sharing their joy and the humorous moment.

One TikTok user, Boo Who, wrote: "I've got a French bulldog who does the same."

Another person, Margaret Baker, added: "Hudson says its my bath now I've peed in it," alongside a string of laughing-face emojis.

Sonya Koekemoer typed: "Haha I have a Hudson too... he's a bull terrier staffy x... lol love this made my day."

Kiwi joked: "No no no I said BED not BATH wait...."

The_golden_duo stated: "Thanks for running the bath for me Ma!"

Sophietalia opined: "This is gold. Dogs normally hate baths."

Beth revealed: "My Labrador has done this before."

Linda gushed: "This is hilarious."

Alison Dineley commented: "Thanks mum for running me a bath [laughing-face emoji] [laughing-face emoji]."

Although Hudson clearly enjoys a relaxing bath, one husky recently went viral on TikTok for her distain of a good old wash.

In footage shared by an account called Winterthehuskymalamute a woman can be seen carrying the dog down the corridor as her limbs flail about.

The pet is trying to wriggle from her grip, and the clip then cuts to her being dragged backwards into the bathroom as she tries everything in her power to escape.

The funny video is overlaid with text that reads: "Bath time! Every time!"

A file photo of an English bulldog. A pet owner's reaction to discovering his dog relaxing in her bathtub has gone viral online. iStock