Woman Shares 'Petty' Response to Roommates' Months-Old Pizza Money Request

A woman has gone viral after she decided to remove everything she's purchased for her apartment and relocate it to her bedroom after her roommates requested money for pizza that she was offered months ago.

The now-viral TikTok recounting the situation, captioned, "Okay, act like you don't regularly eat my food and use my fancy expensive hand soaps," has been viewed 3.6 million times with 620,800 likes since it was shared on May 14.

According to Pew Research Center, about one in three adults in the U.S. is in a shared living situation, or one in which a home has at least one adult who isn't the head of the household, the partner of the head or a student 18 to 24 years of age.

TikToker @hdslutsanonymous, or Asa, shared the five-second post that has since stirred up a heated debate. With sound effects playing, the video started with the camera positioned looking down at the TikToker in the kitchen.

"When [your] roommates Venmo request you for 1/3 of a pizza they offered you in January so you take everything you've bought for the apartment to your room," the text overlay on the video reads.


okay,, act like you don’t regularly eat my food and use my fancy expensive hand soaps

♬ If Youre Gonna Be Stupid - Kourtney D Butler

The TikToker proceeds to open up a nearly empty drawer while looking at the camera.

"Good luck making spaghetti with no pots, pans, spoons, or noodles," a smaller caption on the screen also reads.

She opens up the next drawer, which has plastic wrap inside and is also almost completely empty.

Pulled out of the cabinets and placed on the counters behind her were other items like spices, jelly, peanut butter, cereal and other foods. There was even a Crock-Pot out on the counter.

"If you're gonna be stupid you better be tough," a voiceover plays as the woman kneels down next to an empty cabinet and smiles at the end of the video clip.

In an update, the TikToker stitched the first clip with her second video featuring a close-up of the woman's face with text overlay displayed on the screen.

"This is now a roommate hate page," the screen read. "Lmao, 80% of y'all agree, and the other 20% are the sh**ty roommate we all hate." In the screen text, the woman also says her roommate has a sexual relationship with their landlord and that she "threatens to have him evict" her despite the TikToker experiencing recent family deaths and always paying the rent on time.

The same sound effects were used as the woman mouths along while outside a doorway.

Over 2,300 comments poured in over the viral video of the empty kitchen, and a debate ensued over the situation. Others shared their own roommate horror stories in the comments as well.

Many people thought the TikToker was in the right to pull her stuff from the common area. "From January?" a TikToker asked about the pizza request. "Yeah, this is the right response."

Pots, pans, and spoons
A woman shared her "petty" response to her roommates' months-old pizza money request. Here, pots, pans, spoons and cutting boards in a kitchen. FABRIKACR/GETTY

Some people offered up advice for the TikToker going forward in her living situation. "Start tallying in front of them when they use water or electric too," they said.

Numerous viewers believe the behavior was justified, and one TikToker pointed out, "It's my least favorite thing when people want to nickel and dime but never worry about what they take from you."

Not everyone can handle living with roommates in a shared space. "This is why I'd sooner be poor and broke eating ramen every day just to pay to live without roommates," a viewer revealed. "I need my peace of mind with my solitude and no drama."

One viewer admitted to doing the same thing with their roommates, even selling the couch. "She went through my room and then told me 'I only touch stuff that's ours,' but I bought everything," they reasoned.

Others were just shocked by the roommates' request for a third of a pizza that was offered up to the TikToker. "Lmao, how would they even remember sharing a pizza four months ago?" a viewer asked. "Then have the audacity to ask for money, Lmao, what even."

However, not everyone thought the creator was making the right move. "I wouldn't fight petty with petty," a viewer pointed out. "It never ends well."

This isn't the only viral moment involving roommates. A man was blasted for wearing his roommate's underwear and returning them still dirty. A student got back at their roommate with $400 of ID replacement cards. In addition, a woman was bashed for telling her roommate to let their dad sleep in her bed.

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @hdslutsanonymous for comment.