Woman Shares Tips to 'Repulse Creeps'—Including 'Verbal Fart' and 'the Snake'

Most people will have attracted unwanted attention at some point, whether on a night out or simply walking to the store.

Rather than ignoring cat-calls or engaging in confrontation, a woman has shared her hilarious tips to "repulse creeps," including the "demonic possession" and the "snake attack."

Devika Panicker, from Singapore, shared a clip to her TikTok page, entitled: "Simple but effective ways to repulse creeps. Subject to one's own level of commitment to these methods."

Panicker, who won Singaporean TV pageant Ms V.Supreme in 2019, captioned the video: "Title speaks for itself. Utilise this knowledge at your own discretion."

It shows the actress with a green screen background of an alleyway, as she stands in the foreground dressed in a stylish outfit and carrying a purse.

Panicker—an advocate for sexual violence awareness and a spokesperson for women's rights group AWARE—then lists seven moves, demonstrating each with gusto.

In the video, a voiceover says: "The verbal fart. The huhh. The sinus block. The snake attack. The scratch. The staring mouth breather. The demonic possession."

Panicker acts out each one, seeing herself pull faces, contort her limbs and make questionable sounds.


Title speaks for itself. Utilise this knowledge at your own discretion.

♬ Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod

She later confirmed "the huhh" is her "personal favorite," as she added: "Probably need a check up after the last one. Almost slipped my disk trying to bend backwards."

Panicker shared the video at the end of last month, and it's already been watch more than 10 million times.

It was so popular she uploaded a part two a few days later, sharing more quirky behaviour which she'd named.

First up is the "the threat," which Panicker demonstrated by replying to a fictional cat-caller: "You'd look alot better without skin."

Next is "the T-rex," where she acts like a dinosaur, "the inflatable tube," where she copies the advertising tool, "the Chihuahua" which sees Panciker bark and growl, "the weep," where she starts crying and finally "the purge," where she mimics the sound of the alarm from the 2013 film.

Followers found her moves so funny they demanded Panicker, who describes herself as a "Full Time Activist, Part Time Clown" to re-upload the video so they could use the audio, which she did earlier today.

Numerous people claimed they're going to be using some of her tips themselves, with the demonic possession emerging as one of the favorites.

Commenting online, Andrea wrote: "Will most definitely be doing these."

Westie Taco thought: "All of these were executed so professionally."

Amber admitted: "Almost spat out my coffee at the scratching one."

Self care said: "Sinus block is my signature move."

Bella Mae shared her own tips, commenting: "I can make a cat hissing sound and a seagull impression that sounds like an alarm."

Liam Mason Gallacher suggested: "Just bark at them."

Cassy Parshall laughed: "Girl you have me silent cry wheezing next to my napping baby."

While Irl_Flower wrote: "They will all be used wisely this upcoming week."

Although Miss Cherry pointed out: "The fact that we have to act crazier than them to escape them."

Newsweek reached out to Panicker for a comment.

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Stock image of a woman in a chicken mask withdraw money from bank cash machine with debit card. A woman has shared her wacky tips to "repulse creeps." Alessandro Biascioli/Getty Images