Woman Viciously Catcalled While Working Out in Her Yard

A fitness fan has defiantly shared the cruel catcall that was hurled at her by a man, as she worked out in her front yard.

TikToker Joanna Jizzell regularly uploads workout videos for her followers, as she tracks her incredible weight loss transformation.

On Saturday, Joanna shared a video showing herself skipping on her driveway, which she regularly does.

The clip has been viewed more than 15 million times, as Joanna explained: "I decided to jump rope in my front yard & this happened."

The background noise sounds as if a car drives past, and a male voice can be heard shouting: "Go inside no one wants to see that."

She stops skipping, and says "huh?" as the car sounds as if it drives away, with Joanna looking into the distance.

Along with the hashtag "be kind," she captioned the video: "I wish people would think about how much words can hurt others."

Numerous people have praised Joanna's composure, as they encouraged her not to be disheartened.

Complimenting her work ethic, Robin U678 said: "You are doing great! Ignore the haters. They are unhappy with themselves and take it out on others. I'm jealous of how you can jump rope! I can't."

TikToker Courtyb42 wrote: "We want to see it!! Please don't let this discourage you."


I wish people would think about how much words can hurt others. #keepgoing #bekind #weightlossjourney

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While Alicia Santoso commented: "Pls keep doing this everyday at the same spot! People who make fun of others for doing something to improve themselves are insecure and feel threatened."

And The Devil's Avocados echoed the sentiment, writing: "Do it again. And again. Every day. We want to see that."

While Jason Monaghan admitted: "I'm so sorry, this genuinely broke my heart."

In defiance, Joanna later shared another video, in which she thanked people for their support and confirmed she continued skipping on her driveway.

She said: "Thank you all for supporting me and all the kind comments. You keep me going. I ended up going back out yesterday. I stayed up on my driveway and jumped for 30 minutes. I have worked very hard this past year to get where I am today.

"And no matter what I will keep working to become a happier, healthier me. Some people can't function without negativity because bringing down others makes them feel better."

Joanna has documented her inspirational weight loss journey online, going from 260 pounds last April to 209 pounds this March.

She said: "I got tired of hating myself and always letting my depression and anxiety win. I am down 55 lbs and from a size 24 to a size 16. Although this journey is hard and I have a long way to go, I won't stop fighting. I know I got this, I just know I will make it."

Stock image of a woman skipping
Stock image of a woman skipping. A fitness fan shared a clip revealing the vicious catcall which was hurled at her as she worked out in her front yard. Getty iStock/iprogressman