Woman Shocks Viewers With Dishwasher Hack in Viral Video

One woman went viral after sharing a dishwasher cleaning "hack" that shocked some viewers on TikTok earlier this month.

Mom of two Chenoa Brookins, or @chenoabrookins, posted the video to TikTok where it received more than 1.6 million views and nearly 1,000 comments, many of whom were shocked to discover Brookins "hack."

"Alright, I have a hack that maybe most people know about but I didn't and I was wondering what the hell was wrong with my dishwasher," Brookins said in the video.

She explained that she started noticing mold inside the dishwasher, including along the walls of the dishwasher and the rack.

"So I didn't know this but there's a little trap door that you're supposed to clean every week," she said.

Brookins then showed herself removing the filter located underneath the dishwasher rack.

"You just turn it and pull it out," she said as she turned the knob counterclockwise to unlock the top. After hearing a click, Brookins pulled the knob straight out of the bottom of the dishwasher to reveal a cylindrical filter.

"Look at how disgusting it is," she said as she showed the wet, dirty filter.

Brookins then cleaned the filter off camera before returning to show off the dry filter.

"I washed it. Now I'm gonna put it back and spray everything with bleach," she said. "Then I'm gonna run it for one cycle."

After running the empty dishwasher, Brookins said the mold was no longer visible.

According to Good Housekeeping, while the filter should be cleaned weekly, individuals should also wipe down the dishwasher and gasket every week.

Good Housekeeping also recommends wiping down the exterior of the dishwasher monthly and removing bits of food from the interior on a daily basis.

To find the filter, Good Housekeeping recommends checking the owner's manual or manufacturer's website. Usually, though, the filter is found below the spray arm which can be reached by removing the bottom rack.

Using hot water and a toothbrush, scrub the mesh screen and frame of the filter to remove any food particles or grease that may be stuck. It is important to ensure the filter is locked in place properly.

"Do not operate your dishwasher without the filter properly locked in place, as you can cause severe damage to your machine, and possibly void the warranty," Good Housekeeping recommends.

Nearly 1,000 viewers commented on Brookins' video, with many saying they were shocked to find out their dishwasher had a filter.

"Thanks, ignorance WAS bliss! Lol," one user joked in the comments.

"My dishwasher is 13 years old," another user wrote. "I have never cleaned the filter. I'm scared."

Some users also offered their own cleaning "hacks" to ensure a clean dishwasher.

"After a load, open the door and hang a kitchen towel ¾'s inside," one user recommended. "It will help with the excess moisture mold lives for."

"Girl yank that part around the part you took out it also comes out like if you look it look like that bean shaped part removes and it does," another commenter said.

But others said that although it is good to clean the filter weekly, a dirty filter should not be causing mold in her dishwasher.

"The filter is not causing the mold, not letting your dishwasher dry out is," another view said.

"Bleach doesn't kill mould, it just takes the colour away, the spores are still alive and it will come back," one commenter said. "You need a mould spray."

Newsweek reached out to @chenoabrookins but did not receive comment in time for publication.

Woman goes viral for dishwasher hack
A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing her "dishwashing hack" which consisted of removing the filter and cleaning it weekly. While many viewers were surprised, some said they were shocked this wasn't common knowledge. Daniil Dubov/iStock