Woman's Reason for Demanding Neighbor Cleans Her House for Free Sparks Fury

A woman on Reddit has described a shocking situation whereby a strange neighbor appeared at her front door and demanded that she clean her house for free.

In the post, user latinrosechile described how she is a Latina woman married to an American man living in a "small community in Florida where most people are nice and kind to me."

She explains that she loves cleaning, and has once or twice offered to clean neighbors houses for free, including a widow who recently lost her husband of 50 years, a neighbor with a new baby, and another who has recently been in a car crash.

But the good Samaritan was shocked when one day, a unknown neighbor turned up at her house and asked "in the most entitled tone ... when are you going to clean my house for free?"

The neighbor allegedly yelled at the OP, "loud enough to make my next door neighbor to come outside to see what was going on."

The OP replied that she was not the neighborhood maid, told the woman to f*** off and closed the door. According to the OP, this neighbor then bumped in to her husband and relayed the conversation, leading the husband to demand that the "OP be more polite in future."

Annoyed woman cleaning
Doing chores. Stock image. A woman has been supported for refusing to clean her neighbors house. PeopleImages/Getty Images

Reddit users voted that the OP was not the a****** with many arguing that the husband deserves this title.

One user said, "NTA – Your husband really is though. Is this an isolated incident or does he belittle you a lot?", while another wrote, "NTA. The neighbor is demanding and the husband is dismissing."

Newsweek spoke to psychiatrist Carole Lieberman about the situation.

"When people confront each other, they are most often reacting to hidden hurts or past scenarios, not the issue at hand.

"Here, the OP reacted strongly to the neighbor who demanded she clean her house because mainly due to the rude way in which she demanded, but also possibly partly because it seemed like the neighbor saw her as the stereotype of Latin women often working as housekeepers.

"The neighbor was possibly upset about being left out, having misunderstood the situation. Either way, the kind of communication displayed by the neighbor understandably do not encourage positive responses.

"The husband certainly made it worse by taking the neighbor's side, and this will exacerbate the original feelings the OP experienced during the interaction."

Newsweek has reached out to user latinrosechile for comment.

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