Woman Tips Waiter $1,000 in Heartwarming Video Watched 1 Million Times

The "Venmo challenge" is one thing that consistently proves how the internet can be done right, and this latest viral video has touched the hearts of many.

TikTok influencer Lexy Burke has over 1.6 million followers and calls herself a "serial tipper." For the most part, Burke's content features her giving large tips to waiters, after her followers consistently pay money into a designated Venmo account for the tips.

Burke's latest video however has particularly warmed hearts for the reaction of the waiter, gaining just under 2 million views.

The video started with Burke asking the server, named Al, for his Venmo username. "This is random," she prefaced the question.

"Let me send you a little something Al," she added. Al, who was seemingly expecting a regular-sized tip, fetched his phone for Burke, who sent over the Venmo tip of $1,000.

Al was left astonished after realizing just how much money was sent into his account. "No, no," he said in disbelief as his eyes widened. "That's not real life."

"100%" confirmed Burke, who informed him how "amazing" he was. "We do this thing every week on my TikTok. People send me spare change all the time and so we go around and leave massive tips just to make someone's day," she explained.

The waiter hugged Burke emotionally. "Y'all are nuts man," he said. "Thank you so much. Nuts in a good way. In a great way. In a vessel sent from God."

The video can also be seen in full here.


Because of y’all we got to surprise Al with $1000, wait til you see his reaction 🥺❤️ #nashville #venmochallenge #give #love #serialtipper #tiptok

♬ Don't Give Up On Me (From "Five Feet Apart") - Andy Grammer

Viewers of the emotional moment online noted just how appreciative Al seemed for the tip. "You could literally see the weight fall off his shoulders," commented one user.

"GOT CHILLS. Y'all really blessed that king," added another.

In recent times, the Venmo challenge has taken over on TikTok. In June, as reported by Newsweek, fellow TikToker Meredith Steele was able to tip a waiter who faced homophobic incidents at work thousands after asking her TikTok followers to send money to a Venmo account for the tip.

Steele explained in a video that the donations, "exceeded my expectations by thousands, like thousands of dollars more than I ever thought humanly possible could be contributed by strangers on the internet."

In fact, the Venmo challenge brought in so much money that Steele placed a cap on the tip and donated the rest to a local LGBTQ organization.

Steele didn't disclose how much money was tipped to the waiter to protect his privacy, but showed the donation to EqualityMaine, which was over $10,500.

Newsweek has contacted Lexy Burke for comment.

Waiter handling money in restaurant
Stock image of a waiter being tipped in a restaurant. For the most part, TikTok influencer Lexy Burke's content features her giving large tips to waiters. Getty Images

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