Woman Branded 'Unhinged' for Complaining About Neighbor's 'Selfish' Existence

A woman has been branded "unhinged" after she took to Reddit to vent about her new downstairs neighbor, who works from home.

The tenant, posting under Yasminrainbowspirit, shared her opinion on the site's popular Am I The A**hole forum, where she's almost unanimously been labeled as the one in the wrong.

She began by sharing some background information on her living situation, revealing that she and her husband and their kids live on the top floor of a house, converted into a three-bedroom apartment.

The lower floor has the same layout, as Yasminrainbowspirit wrote: "The house has been for sale for a while and recently a woman bought it. It turns out she doesn't have any children so I found it strange she bought a 3 bedroom house but I soon found out it's because she runs a craft business from home and needs 2 bedrooms to run it."

She says the main problem is her neighbor uses the main bedroom as her "craft room," which is directly below theirs. While not confirming where they live, she claimed she's in council housing, thought to be in the U.K.

The woman ranted: "At first it was fine as she hadn't fully moved in but now it's driving me crazy. She's in that room almost all day and I can hear her walking about and the faint noise of machines. I don't spend long in my bedroom during the day but when I do go in it just annoys me knowing she's there constantly.

"Like why can't she have picked the smaller bedrooms since she knows the kids are at school all day? She always stops using her embroidery and sewing machines by 7pm but she's told me she can sit up until 10pm some nights finishing off orders which plays on my mind.

"I go to bed at 9pm and I can't sleep for hours as I lie there listening for her every move. Just knowing she's awake and walking about drives me crazy as I find it so selfish someone would buy a flat and work from home."

She admitted her husband told her to "calm down," and "doesn't see the big deal about her using her house as she pleases," but instead she confronted the neighbor.

Revealing how the exchange went, she said: "Yesterday I finally had enough and went to her door. I told her how I was feeling about everything and how I can hear the faint noise of her machines. She apologized and invited me inside to show me her set up.

"All her machines are on some sort of anti vibration padding to stop as much noise as possible so she claims the noise should be minimal and that you need to expect some noise from neighbours.

"I told her I don't make any noise and that's when things took a turn as she said she can hear my kids running around and jumping off furniture all evening but she would never dream of complaining because it's just one of those things when you share a building with other people."

She left at that point, but her husband got a frosty reception from the neighbor as a result, who then confronted his wife over what she's done, and called her an "a**hole."

In the comment section Yasminrainbowspirit tried to defend herself, claiming her children play indoors as: "I can't stop them having fun. Our garden is overgrown because I don't have time to cut the grass and overgrown bushes so they can't play outside so they need to play inside...

"Kids will be kids though. You can't stop them making noise."

But she stood her ground, saying: "It's basically industrial machinery though. It seems selfish to use that in a flat."

Despite her assertions, Redditors found her complaints bonkers, as Lellyla wrote: "I'm willing to bet OP is threatened/jealous of the downstairs neighbor. If you look at the quotes below, they kind of read to me that OP had an issue with the woman (not having children and) being able to work from home. Sounds like OP wants to be working from home."

Fit_Coyote_7117 scoffed: "This has me roaring... how dare that lady even exist. The mere thought of her existence is haunting me like the tell tale heart."

Nataliechaco pointed out: "The woman EXISTS and OP is mad about it."

Primeirofilho joked: "I can hear the OP complaining about how noisy the breeze is and how the wild animals are all noisy assholes because they have the temerity to exist."

Hanwa1059 pointed out: "At least if she goes to therapy that's an hour plus travelling time she won't have to deal with the woman in the apartment."

Pprkkh0107 commented: "This is literally the most unhinged thing I've read on this sub in quite some time. Not too often I find myself speechless but all I can think is 'WHAT????'"

Although not everyone disagreed, as InvestigatorHot8420 commented: "You have no idea how happy this made me feel to read I'm living in the city and have the same feeling it's good to know I'm not alone. Can't wait to move."

In London, the average size of a new three-bed home is 91 square meters (980 square feet), with regional variations, according to the Royal Institute of British Architects' Homewise report from 2015.

But homes across the pond have been steadily getting smaller, when compared to the beginning of the 20th century.

The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) noted, referring to the 2010s: "The average living room is now 17.09m2. That's a 1.64m2 drop in a decade. Bedroom size and the number of bedrooms on offer has decreased also.

"Master bedrooms diminish by an average of 0.30m2 and the number of bedrooms dropped to below three for the first time ever.

"The overall statistics don't make for pretty reading either. Compared to the previous decade, homes built from 2010 onwards are over 4m2 smaller."

File photo of woman holding her ears.
A file photo of woman blocking her ears. A woman has been branded "unhinged" for complaining about her neighbor. ajr_images/Getty Images

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