Deer Breaks Into Woman's House and Bleeds Everywhere, Causing $40K Worth of Damage

A woman has revealed the "murder scene" which was left in her house after a deer broke in and bled everywhere, causing $40,000 worth of damages.

Resident Christievercelli19 shared a story on TikTok, recalling the time she thought she was getting burgled after hearing glass smashing.

To her horror, she discovered an injured deer running around her kitchen, dining and living room as it desperately tried to escape. But in doing so it trailed buckets of blood all over the ground floor, and ruined furniture.

While the incident took place a few years ago, she recently joined TikTok to share the saga on there, calling it a "deersaster." Her video, posted on Sunday, amassed 1.7 million views, and can be seen here.

She captioned it: "6 years ago I thought our house was being broken into. It was a deer. After he sat up in the neighbor's yard and then animal control took him. Craziest and scariest day of my life!"

In the clip she does a walk-through of her home, in an unspecified location, which looks like a battlefield.

She says: "Want to see how a deer can cause $40,000 of damage in your house? This happened about six years ago I was upstairs and I heard all this glass breaking downstairs and basically a stampede.

"I hurried up and called the cops because I thought we were being robbed, and I realized soon afterward when I looked down, there was a deer. It was jumping and trying to get out the back sliding glass door.

"When the cops came they put chairs in front of them and opened the glass door to try to get it out. It ran around the house. I think when it jumped through the window it had cut its belly. So it was bleeding quite a bit. I felt bad for the little guy.

"So he proceeded to go through the house and then he eventually went out the front window. It was a deersaster. That's the window it went out of, and again, $40,000. Poor buddy."


DEERSASTER. Lots of people have asked me to resend this video so just putting here to redirect. 6 years ago I thought our house was being broken into. It was a deer. After he sat up in the neighbors yard and then animal control took him. Craziest and scariest day of my life! #deersaster #deer

♬ original sound - christievercelli19

In the comments she went into more detail, claiming the deer stayed by the sliding door for some time, saying: "It had not moved from that spot until the cops came. Then it ran into the walls. I wish I could make this crap up."

While she didn't confirm the deer's fate, she added: "He was in the neighbor's yard after for a good hour before animal control came."

Numerous people disputed the eye-watering figure, as she continued to stand by the cost, adding: "I know this is hard to believe but it was our reality. It sucked. We had at least 40 witnesses from the town, the neighbors, etc. see it all unfold.

"Our insurance agent came out right away and lined up a fire restoration to clean everything up. I didn't even know where to start and thankfully they properly cleaned everything. The blood was in the walls and it was all over the carpet and all over the furniture, the video doesn't do it justice. The clean-up alone was I think around $12,000? I know that's crazy but that's what the insurance company set up."

She shared a follow-up showing part of the clean-up efforts, including the boarded-up window, and what appears to be wall panels removed.

The video can also be seen here.

The sight was compared to a crime scene, as people remarked on the astonishing amount of blood present.

AJ_alwardt wrote: "'Was bleeding quite a bit' (looks like the house was a mass murder scene."

Maricela agreed, saying: "It looks like a murder scene."

JonnyB joked: "That's a very complicated and expensive way to put venison in the freezer."

Jon pointed out: "You can't just get blood out of carpet and walls and leaving it is a biohazard. All the walls need to be sanded, textured and painted. That's 10k alone."

Colson thought: "Poor deer. No way that's 40k worth of damages. Clean, some paint and new windows, you're good."

Nico advised: "You could sue the deer."

Leann claimed: "Ya'll have no idea how much it costs to clean that much blood out of a home and it shows."

While Daniel Courtney added: "I have built an entire garage for 35k lol this isn't 40k damages."

While it wasn't specified which service Christievercelli19 used, professional cleaners Clean Keepers went into more detail about the need for experts to handle these types of situations.

Their website says: "Blood spill incidents present safety risks that can cause disease epidemics if they are not cleaned properly. Many people think that blood cleanup is a simple task that can be completed with a household rag or mop. But there are risks involved when cleaning up blood..."

They stated professionals were needed when there's "an incident that leaves a blood stain larger than a dinner plate. An incident involving serious accident or death. Significant amounts of blood spilling on carpets or walls that may penetrate the underlying areas."

Newsweek reached out to @christievercelli19 for comment.

File photo of a deer.
File photo of a deer. A woman claims a deer broke into her house and bled everywhere, causing $40,000 worth of damage. Getty Images/Gelu Popa

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