Homeowner Finds 'Suspicious' Red Stains Under Carpet of 110-Year-Old House

A new homeowner was excited to get the keys to their new house, until they discovered "suspicious" red stains lurking underneath the carpet.

House of the Rising Sun shared a clip to their new TikTok page of the same name, seemingly created to document their transformation. The videos reveal the owner recently purchased a home in Salt Lake City, built in 1911, as they shared a walkthrough with followers.

"And so starts the rebirth of the House of the Rising Sun," they captioned the clip, which revealed a dated interior with lavish fireplaces.

The on-screen captions said: "This house was just listed in Salt Lake City. Now it's mine. Built in 1911, it has incredible bones and has some... unique features. But it's in desperate need of restoration. Like and follow to watch her return to her former glory."

It appears they got to work by first ripping up the old carpet, when they found more than they bargained for. A video, shared on Thursday, showed them ripping up some green flooring to reveal the hardwood floors underneath.

The voice-over said: "Today we tore up all the carpet in our 110-year-old house. There was a surprise waiting for us. At first, we weren't sure what it was. But the more we found, the more obvious it was blud [blood]. Like, an alarming amount of blud [blood]."

They filmed a close-up of the stains, with numerous people claiming it looked like the outline of a head. "Welp... where do we go from here," they captioned the footage, seen 130,000 times, and can be viewed here.

Commenting on the find, Jocelyn Klescewski thought: "But the one stain is in the shape of a head and the other part looks like where an arm would lay."

"And there's a footprint in one of the blood stains," CorinneGames pointed out.

Going into more detail, Yuriika commented: "It looks like someone's face lying on their side & the blud [blood] dripped down the nose and chin, the rest of the cheek stopped it from spreading."

Saril agreed, writing: "The one stain looks like a bead with its mouth open yelling in the air."

Although JennP pleaded: "Let's pretend it's a bottle of red wine and move on."

Angatitaff commented: "Yeah this kind of looks like a decomp. Hopefully it is."


Reply to @house.ofthe.rising.sun The officer said she would check for any cases linked to the house before testing anything #foryou #crimetok

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Possibly providing a plausible explanation, Thing thought: "Eh someone prolly [probably] gave birth on the floor when the house was new."

A follow-up seemingly revealed the new owners called the police over the ominous find, as they filmed a Salt Lake City cop examining the worrisome stains in a clip seen 1.5 million times, which can be watched here.

They updated followers, saying: "The officer said she would check for any cases linked to the house before testing anything."

And in the captions they shared the cop's thoughts, writing: "Two days into renovations on our 110-year-old house, we stumbled upon some suspicious stains under the carpet. The police confirmed it looked like blud [blood], but said they couldn't be sure if it was human or animal without testing it."

Newsweek reached out to House of the Rising Sun for comment.

File photo of stain on concrete floor.
File photo of stain on concrete floor. A homeowner called the police after ripping up carpet to find a suspicious stain. Getty Images/ratsadapong