Woman Stages Week-long 'Wife Strike' to Protest Her Husband's Lack of Chores

A fed-up woman is on a week-long "wife strike," in protest over her husband's lack of chores.

Jalie decided to quit all housework following a conversation with her other half, who claimed he did the brunt of the cleaning. "He swears to God he's the only one cleaning. We'll see," she said.

The mom decided to set up a TikTok page, simply called @wifestrike, where she's been sharing day-by-day updates over the state of her house, starting last week.

Day one saw her film piles of laundry, shoes thrown on the floor, a cluttered bathroom counter-top and a dirty bathroom. As Jalie, from Florida, films each mess she says: "Nope, not cleaning. Not that either. Especially not this he left me this morning."

Day two saw some improvement, as the toilet had been scrubbed, but she revealed: "I got the silent treatment all day yesterday because of my strike."

Again she filmed all the untidy spots she would usually fix, with fresh toilet paper dumped on top of the old roll, a different pair of shoes on the floor, and a pile of laundry dumped on the couch. "Left it here for me to fold," she said, adding "no sir."

She captioned day three: "Everything he does when I ask is SO halfazzed." Again she went on with the routine of filming all the messes her husband leaves behind, as the pile of clean washing began to pile up in the hamper. And she compared her side of the sink versus his, with a distinct difference in cleanliness.

"The shoe was picked up but the sock's still on the floor," she added. The bathroom looked chaotic, but Jalie later confirmed her husband claimed their toddler was responsible for the mess.

The mountain of clothes on the sofa had grown, while she filmed the laundry room, which looked like a warzone. Jalie took the time to clarify the rest of her house wasn't "complete filth," as she said: "I couldn't help myself in these areas and cleaned up."

Although she did point out the dishes "he hasn't put away."

She remained strong as day four rolled around, saying: "The strike must go on!"


everything he does when I ask is SO halfazzed

♬ original sound - Jalie

She updated fans by saying the clothes on the sofa had now been piled on top of the already overflowing laundry hamper. And she also revealed her husband was yet to put pillowcases on his pillows, comparing his side of the bed to hers. Sadly the lonely sock on the floor remained.

And the laundry room, if possible, looked even more cluttered, as it was completely covered in clothes. Day five started with her filming the mountain of washing, as she clarified: "The clean clothes by the bed have still not been put away."

Progress had been made in the bathroom as he cleaned his side—and left the supplies out as evidence. The bathroom also looked in good condition, and the infamous sock had finally been picked up. Despite clear signs of effort, the laundry room was still complete chaos.

As she neared the end of the week, on day six Jalie reckoned: "It looks like the bare minimum is being done after 6 whole days."

She was hopeful as the overflowing laundry hamper had been sorted, but she was dismayed to discover it had only been moved. "I thought the basket was cleaned up, no it's just out here," although it appeared the clothes had been separated.

In the bathroom Q-tips had appeared on the counter, while she filmed a very full bin which she says: "I asked this trash to be taken out on Saturday, and it is still here."


The strike must go on!

♬ original sound - Jalie

As the week came to an end, Jalie filmed the state of her house, with fresh clutter on the bathroom counters, while the toilet roll holder hadn't been refilled and a loofah was left on the floor.

The sofa was nearly invisible under piles of laundry, as Jalie noted: "The clothes are still here and now it has extended."

Seeing as her strike didn't appear to have worked, she stated: "Since the areas of concern have not been addressed the wife strike must continue."

Other videos also show the mess Jalie's husband leaves in her car, as she declared she was also going on a vehicle cleaning strike, while she confirmed she was still making him food—but serving him in a child's plastic bowl.

Over the week her hilarious videos have amassed thousands of views, with her most popular clip watched 1.5 million times, and can be seen here.

It's not clear now long Jalie will keep up the strike, although she told BoredPanda divorce was the "last thing on her mind."


It looks like the bare minimum is being done after 6 whole days

♬ original sound - Jalie

She told the site: "I realized that I was not alone and that I was conditioned to silently clean up after my husband that he literally forgets he ever left a mess behind." Jalie added "small improvements" have been made, and she thought the message was finally "setting in."

The strike has been met with an outpouring of support online, as fellow wives questioned why she was doing so much.

Kesh asked: "Is he a walking tornado? That laundry room gives me anxiety."

Bonny B revealed: "I went on 'strike' a few times because my husband said 'the laundry does itself'. I'm happily divorced now."

Lady_g60 thought: "That's a toddler not a husband."

Yazz reckoned: "A man who can't cook or clean isn't husband material."

While Dakota added: "Please do not give in."

Newsweek reached out to Jalie for comment.

File photo of messy house.
File photo of messy house. A woman has gone on a week long "wife strike~" in protest over her husband's lack of chores. Michael Blann/Getty Images