Woman Shares 'Worst Date Ever' With Man Who Lives in the Woods

Most women have horror stories from the world of dating, with disastrous evenings spent with catfishes, crooks and men with questionable personal hygiene.

But one woman reckons she's experienced the "worst date ever," after a guy turned up without his wallet, then told her he lives in the park.

The singleton, called Megan, shared her ordeal on Facebook, where it's since gone viral after ending up on Instagram page thetinderblog.

Megan starts by swearing off dating forever, claiming she'd rather be alone than sit through another awkward encounter.

She writes: "WORST DATE EVER. I'm done w dating. Seriously. Forever. I wish I could change my relationship status from 'single' to just 'alone'."

In solidarity her friend, Emilia, responds with a message of support, replying: "Me too! Let's marry each other."

But a man, Dave, is put out by Megan's opinion, and attempts to defend single men trying to woo women.

He snipes: "I'm so tired of you girls complaining about it when guys take them on dates. It's not easy taking a girl out. Expectations are always high. We're nervous as hell. If someone takes you out, be thankful and don't complain on social media."

After reading his comment, Megan doesn't hold back and recounts the date from start to finish, explaining why she's ranked it as the worst.

She typed: "Really David? I drove us. We went to dinner by getting a drive thru at Wendy's (his idea). I paid bc he forgot his wallet. Then he took me to the park and told me he lived there. He lives in the woods. Like ON THE GROUND OUTSIDE."

The unbelievable date has racked up thousands of likes, as some people joked it sounded a romantic evening.

Commenting on Instagram, Jojobeansdad said: "Sounds like a dream date tbh."

Agreeing, Allollies wrote: "A hot meal under the stars??? Dream daaaaate!"

While Kevoff_3.0 pointed out: "He's got money for a phone and/or internet service tho? Sounds like she got played for some free Wendy's. Legend."

2masp also made that connection, saying: "He still has Internet tho, woods Wi-Fi."

Slightly impressed with the guy, fatherprime_78 admitted: "Dude had to have hella game damn."

While ashleyflexxin thought: "To be fair, they make a decent chicken sandwich."

And Leoncito6 simply claimed: "Girls do this all the time. And they ain't even homeless. Just want some free food. At least my man kept it cheap."

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Stock image of a dating app. A woman claims she went on the 'worst date ever' with a man who lived in the woods. Getty Images