Woman's Ingenious Way of Getting Revenge on Ex-Boyfriend Has TikTok Divided

Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but one woman's technique for terrorizing her ex-boyfriend is heating up online.

In a TikTok video that had already accrued 4.5 million views as of Wednesday afternoon, @kristinamakescontent describes her epic life hack for, well, vengeance. In response to @andpacker's request for anecdotes about "something incredibly immature that you will never stop doing," Kristina disclosed that she has been signing her ex up for every mailing list that she came across ever since the two broke up in 2016.

"So if I'm in the airport and I need an email address to give to the airport so I can use their Wi-Fi, I give them his. If I want to read an article and they need an email, I'll send them his," she says by way of example. "Do I want to be updated about events and happenings in the company? Yes. Topics of interest? All of them."

In effect, Kristina has been spamming her ex with dozens of daily advertisements, newsletters, and promotions for five years, clogging up his inbox with junk mail. What's more, she has no plans to ease up anytime soon, according to The Daily Dot.

I "will literally never stop doing it," she says.


#stitch with @andpacker omg so random of me can’t believe I just did that (but srsly it’s actually quite annoying) #storytime #exes #spammail #idk

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While Kristina didn't divulge the cause of her apparent animosity toward her ex, many commenters speculated their relationship ended badly, considering her impressive commitment to irritating and inconveniencing him. The majority hailed her methodology as the brainchild of an evil genius.

"Totally psycho but so much impressive to have a diabolic mind like this," one commenter wrote.

"That is the most beautifully evil thing i have ever heard," another marveled.

Several even implied they planned to take a page out of Kristina's book in the future.

"Thanks for the tip girl," one responded.

"Omgg doing this," another declared.

By contrast, other commenters pointed out her ex had probably changed his email address as a result of all the incoming spam, rendering Kristina's efforts futile. Some even opined that she seemed as though she wasn't over him.

"Girl move on its 2021 you should put your energy in things that make you happy and evolve," one scolded.

"Well...that sounds a lot like he's still living in your head rent free. Try to let go?" another advised.

But Kristina insisted she wasn't still hung up on her ex, writing in a reply to one critic she "just want[ed] the free wifi without the emails lol." Don't we all.

Screenshot of a TikTok detailing revenge plot.
A screenshot from a viral TikTok video detailing user @kristinamakescontent's revenge scheme. In the video, @kristinamakescontent describes how she has been spamming her ex-boyfriend's email inbox for the past five years. TikTok/@kristinamakescontent