Today's 'Wordle' Word of the Day Answer #304: 04/19/22 Puzzle Hints

When the day's Wordle proves too difficult to solve then players might need a hint or two, which is where Newsweek comes in.

The puzzle requires players to solve its five-letter daily word in six tries or less with just the game's color-coded system to help, and when that doesn't work then Newsweek has put together a number of helpful clues.

The answer to today's Wordle is also included in the article, simply scroll to the bottom to see what it is.

The Creation of 'Wordle'

Wordle was originally made by software engineer Josh Wardle for him and his partner Palak Shah. He first started working on the game in 2013 before returning to the project during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After enjoying the game together for some time, Wardle decided to make it available to the public in October 2021 and the game soon became a global hit.

Wordle became so popular it reached a peak of over 45 million users a day, and it also inspired other daily puzzles like the math-based Nerdle and the globe-trotting guessing game Worldle.

In January 2022, Wardle sold the game to The New York Times Company for an undisclosed seven-figure sum, and the puzzle moved over to the publication's platform in February.

The graph below, provided by Statista, shows Wordle's rise in popularity when Wardle originally owned the game.

Wordle Use Stats

'Wordle' #304 Hints for Tuesday, April 19

Newsweek has figured out today's Wordle and put together five clues that will help players come up with the correct word on their own.

Each hint is designed to be more revealing than the last, so Wordle fans can either read them all or stop at the point at which they feel most confident in what the answer could be.

  • Hint #1: The starting word "arose" will reveal the two vowels needed to solve Wordle on Tuesday, April 19.
  • Hint #2: Today's Wordle can be used to describe a room that also serves as the entryway for a building.
  • Hint #3: Wordle #304 rhymes with words like "lawyer" and "destroyer."
  • Hint #4: Synonyms for today's Wordle include a "hall" or "lobby."
  • Hint #5: Merriam-Webster defines Wordle on Tuesday, April 19 as "an anteroom or lobby especially of a theater."

'Wordle' #304 Answer for Tuesday, April 19

The answer to Wordle on Tuesday, April 19 is "foyer."

Wordle refreshes itself at 7 p.m. ET everyday, and then the next word will be made available for players to try and solve.

Wordle fans who need something to keep themselves preoccupied while they wait until the daily brainteaser has updated can have a go at these similar word-based puzzles.

The answer to "Wordle" on Tuesday, April 19 is "foyer." The New York Times