'Wordle' #359 Answer and Clues: How to Solve Monday, June 13 Puzzle

Wordle has been a clear-cut success—it's difficult these days to find someone who doesn't play it, or hasn't at least heard of it.

Whether it's due to the fact that the digital game is so tricky to solve or because it refreshes each day, giving you a new challenge daily, it's extremely popular. It has been reported that today, over a million people play Wordle.

The puzzle requires you to guess a five-letter word in six attempts or less, and the clues provided are all color-coded.

In fact, Wordle became so popular, that several similar games have emerged in its wake, including Quordle, Squabble and Herdle.

The online word game was invented by Josh Wardle, who created the game for his partner, Palak Shah, in 2020. It was then bought and is now owned by The New York Times Company.

If you haven't tried it yet, you can access the daily word game for free here.

Completing the puzzle can be quite difficult at times; luckily Newsweek has got a few tips and hints, so you can solve today's Wordle. Plus, if you're truly stumped, we've got the answer for today's Wordle too.

Wordle #359 Tips for Monday June 13

Wardle, Wordle's inventor, has stated that he likes to spend his first few attempts eliminating as much of the alphabet as he can.

As a general rule, we also recommend avoiding certain letters such as X, Z and Q until later on, when you have a better understanding of what the answer is.

We would also advise you not to use the same letter twice in your first attempt.

Here are the Wordle #359 tips:

Hint #1: The Wordle starts with the letter D.

Hint #2: It contains just one vowel, but this vowel appears twice.

Hint #3: The word means someone who provides blood or organs for someone else.

Hint #4: The word is a noun.

Good luck solving the Wordle answer for this Monday, and remember to return on Tuesday for another set of hints and tips.

Wordle #359 Answer for Monday June 13

So if you're still not sure, the Wordle #359 for Monday, June 13 is "Donor". The next Wordle puzzle will be available today at 7 p.m. ET, as this is when the daily update occurs.

While you're waiting for it to refresh, why not try other similar online digital puzzles, such as the geography guessing game Worldle or some of these alternative word puzzles instead?