Staff Told To Sing in Front of Entire Team if '1 Minute' Late Divides Views

A worker divided the internet's opinion after revealing that their new job makes people sing in front of everyone when they arrive late in the morning, even if they're just one minute late.

In a post shared on Reddit on Wednesday, the worker, who goes by the username u/estranged-writer511, explained that their new job makes the employees who are still in training sing when they are one minute, or more, late, or "everyone in the room has to take a test like [they're] toddlers."

The poster said they have already had to sing twice as they're still getting used to the commute, and the second time wasn't even their fault, as it was due to a train being delayed.

They wrote: "Sent an email in advance, but that doesn't matter.

"Really effective way of pitting the rest of the new employees against the lates and discourage sticking up for one another. getting great vibes already."

As it turns out, being disrespected at work is the third reason Americans leave their jobs. According to data published by Pew Research Center, 63 percent of workers who quit their job in 2021 said they left because of low pay, same for no opportunities for advancement (63 percent), while 57 percent said they left because they felt disrespected at work.

The same study found that younger adults and those with lower incomes were more likely to quit a job in 2021. 37 percent of young adults say they voluntarily left their job last year, compared with 17 percent of those ages 30 to 49, 9 percent of those ages 50 to 64, and 5 percent of those ages 65 and older.

The post, which was first shared on the r/antiwork subreddit, has received over 10,100 upvotes and 2,700 comments in less than a day.

One user said: "I would be late every day and sing itsy bitsy spider. Every. Day. And show up late daily with a guitar."

A second user said: "Baby Shark. It was practically written for this type of situation."

A third user said: "You must really need this job because I wouldn't even be able to take shit like this seriously otherwise. Short of my kid starving, I can't imagine under what circumstances I could tolerate this (and I used to ticket cars, talk about taking a lot of abuse!)."

While a fourth asked: "Why are you complying??? Don't let them f**king humiliate you. Sounds like a great way to waste time and not actually work? Who would ever think this is a good idea? Lol."

Newsweek reached out to u/estranged-writer511 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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A stock image shows a person singing in front of their colleagues at work. the internet is divided after a worker revealed their workplace makes people sing if they are one minute or more late. Getty Images